Relationships Matter – MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

I Am Divorced because My Wife went with Her Head rather than Her Heart as a Consequence of Her Anger & Resentment; I Have been Privileged to Witness My Friends who Have Had Their Lady stand by Them…I Wait Patiently for The Lady who will Stand By Me no Matter the Chatter in Her Head; Standing by Her is what I Committed to My Ex-Wife and ALL My Ex-Girlfriends, Contrary to Recieved Wisdom about ‘Princesses’ & ‘Delicate Flowers’ I Gave Them what AnyOne Really Wants…I Gave Them The Truth as I Saw it so that They Could Understand Me; there was Never any Desire for Control just a Desire for Mutual Understanding and an Appreciation & Acknowledging of Our Corrupted Thinking which I Was Prepared to Help Put to Rest…I Am by No Means Innocent; I Had My Own Contribution to Our Divorce and Other Failed Relationships…I Failed to Meet a Checklist of Expectations; I Wasn’t a Love of Her Heart, I Was a Love of Her Mind, a Love of Her Attachment to Her Expectations so when Those were Not Met Her Interest in Me was Gone..there is Comfort & Discomfort which are Quite Often Mistaken for Happiness & Unhappiness​​; Happiness is Our Innate State…it is a State Maintained by The Taking Care of Our Basic Needs Being Sustenance, Society and Shelter which We, as Humans, Do for Our Babies; When We, as Human Parental Authority, Add The Conditioned Weight of Expectations to The Psychological Make Up of Our Babies, as We ‘Grow Up’, We Start to Experience Sadness & Grief including Deep Depression (Blue Anger Inwards) & Rage (Red Anger Outwards), Such Severe Discomfort that We Ward it Off with Questionable Abusive Comforts that We Mistake for Happiness, often to The Extent of Addiction…so what’s The Answer? My Experience is that Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) from Our Conditioned Upbringing is a Start; combining this with Some Sort of Spiritual Practice is a Turbo Boost called Transpersonal Therapy…Changing Our Conditioned Thoughts is The Key Here; However, for Most of Us, the Distraction of Daily Living continues to Dominate Our Thoughts, Our Only Temporary Respites Being Activities such as Social Media, Meditation, Self-Help Literature etc …this is Why, if We really want to Change The Way We Think, We Need to Embark on a Quest, Voluntary or Involuntary; a Quest that Strips Us of EveryThing We Thought We Were, Effectively Leaving Us with an Empty Mind aka Losing Our Mind aka Going Crazy…I Know My Exes Appreciated & Acknowledged My Corrupted Thinking because They Don’t Talk to Me Anymore as opposed to having Chosen to Help Me put My Corrupted Thinking to Rest; Such a Shame 😦 ; Thankfully I Have Sorted Out My Corrupted Thinking as a Single Person with The Support of My Family, My True Friends & My Professional Caregivers 🙂 …Dreams Are a Mucky, Myriad, MultiDimensional Mess that include Our Own Mental State Here in Our 3DEnvironment along with Our History and sometimes We Have to be Patient with regard to what Our Dreams Mean as The Process Unfolds to a Point of Understanding & Clarity; My Exes (Friends, Family & Lovers) Are Often in My Dreams, I Take this as a Reminder of The Lessons I Have Learned from My Failed Relationships and Other Conflicts that Have Happened in My 3DLife to Date…Nightmares are a Direct Consequence of Our MMHI; MMHI which result in Our Constant Negative Thinking, Our Corrupted Thinking…If We Find OurSelves Unable to Stop Our Negative Thoughts then There Are Other Things We Can Do; For Instance We Can CHOOSE!!!:
♡ NOT to Speak or Act on Our Negative Thoughts

♡ To Examine & Explore to Find the Creativity & Construction in Our Negative Thoughts

♡ Match Our Negative Thoughts with Our Positive Thoughts
…it’s Up to Us to Choose; We Are in Control of Our Own Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Our Bodily Ascension…so what Do We Do when Head & Heart are in Conflict? My Choice is to Go with Heart which is Enough for Me to Know When and If I Need to Get MySelf Engaged with Another; Others may Choose To Go with Head which is what I Used to do and it Brought Me a Whole Heap of Misery due to Cognitive Dissonance…We Have Free Will; so We Are in a Position to Choose…Evolving Empaths Are Supported Here in Our 3DEnvironment by Evolved Empaths aka USEs (Ultra Sensitive Empaths) or Earth Angels, especially Supported when Evolving Empaths Feel that They HAVE to Do It ALL ThemSelves; There Are plenty of Support Options for an Evolving Empath when an Evolving Empath Opens Up to Assistance…I Know that Asking for Help is a Difficult Thing for an Evolving Empath to do; especially when an Evolving Empath Feels a False Sense of Obligation to Do It ALL ThemSelves or if Narcissism is an Issue for Them…It is My Past Learning, My Present Options & My Uncertain Futures that Are My Path…We Are ALL Innate Empaths; some of Us Are Dormant (Inauthentic), some of Us Are Evolving (Neutral) and some of us Are Evolved (Authentic)…Be Careful of Company Kept, Please; Inauthentics and Authentics Do Not Get On without Neutrals Being Involved…I Am 5th Dimensional Energy Immersed in a 3DEnvironment that has a Degree of 4DActivity yet I Am Not of this 3DEnvironment; ‘We Only Live Once’ is a Classic Misdirection that Fosters Fear of Death…Key is the Rediscovery of Our Authentic Childlike State; by Doing So We Raise Our Individual Vibration thereby Raising Our Collective Vibration hence Raising Gaias Vibration thenceforth High Frequency Energy Rippling Out Co-Creating Paradise on Earth…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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