Relationships Matter – MMHI  (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

♡ WARNING!!! This Post is Very, Very, Very Long 
Many an Evolved Empath complains about Narcs (Narcissists, Inauthentics, False Folk etc); yet, it is possible that They ThemSelves may have once been a Narc such as I Was:
♡ My History is one of Childhood Abuse, Marriage, Divorce, Joblessness, Homelessness and Mental Illness

♡ I Witnessed a Couple Arguing; Neither was Actively Listening to The Other

♡ I Thought it be fun to be Shouting Repetitions of Their Argument at Them; They Ran Away very fast

♡ Then I Heard a Couple Giggling; I Hope They didn’t Argue Later

♡ There was A Male Threatening The Male Over Perceived Violence Against The Female then He was told to “Fuck Off!!!” by The Female; I Guess it was None of His Business, Warring Siblings are known to Turn on a Common Foe/’Peace Maker’ then Resume Hostilities

♡ I Have Let Go of My Narc Behaviour and Regained My Childlike State; I Have Forgiven MySelf and Those I Perceived Wronged Me
…How Did I Do This; What Was My Method? My Path to Rediscovering My Authentic Childlike State Was:
♡ Letting Go of Any Attachment in Our 3DEnvironment; Especially To Money & Materialism and Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing My MMHI  (Multiple Mental Health Issues) brought on by Conditioned Upbringing

♡ Setting Intentions Rather Than Goals, Objectives & Targets; Manifestation is An Amazing Phenomenon

♡ Trusting In The Process, Relaxing & Folding In To The Flow; Taking Care Of Tasks Brought To Me In The Manifestion Of My Intentions
…it Wasn’t Easy, Didn’t Happen Overnight or Even Soon; it Did Happen…the Most Significant Aspect was Trusting My Intuition Over My Intellect; My Heart Over My Head, so How’s That for a Brain Fuck? ergo:
♡ Our Feelings Pass

♡ Our Thoughts Persist

♡ We Cannot Change Our Feelings; We Can Change Our Thoughts, We Can Change The Way We THINK!!!
…Science has Given Us Psychology & Psychiatry; Being Here in Our 3DEnvironment on a Moment by Moment Basis all the while Taking Advantage of Science while Understanding that there is SomeThing that Transcends Science is a Major Mind Fuck…it is a Paradox that These Are Both Truths; it Truly Rewards Us to Hold Two Conflicting Ideas in Our Minds, Accepting Both while Only Agreeing to One…this, Of Course, Allows for a Change of Mind; Figuring Out & Inner Insight can be Comfortable Bedfellows…a True Friend will always Let Us Know if We Have Spinach on Our Teeth then Hug Us Through Our Tears; A Fake Friend will always Let Us Walk Around with Our Flaws and Run Away when We Resume Raging & Crying…Pain is Temporary, Pain only lasts for as long as We Allow it to; We Always Heal if We Accept, Embrace & Integrate The Negative…this Does Not Mean Be A Doormat; it Does Mean Set Boundaries and Gently & Graciously Enforce Them…a Narc is an Innate Empath who is on The Verge of Starting to Evolve; if We Stick with a Narc How About Let’s Ensure We Have The Strength to Get Them to The Next Place? If We Don’t have The Strength then We Must Walk Away; this Walking Away Scenario Simply & Complexly means The Engagement with the Narc has Become An Assignment for SomeOne Else…that Being Said I Experience some Feelings of Unease at Our Use, or MisUse, of Labels; We Are ALL Different & Diverse yet Our Similarities make Us ALL Much More Alike than Unalike…I Think that when We Foster “Them & Us’ Scenarios via Labels We Lose Sight of The Purpose that is ALL about Eventual Integration of Our Diversity…sure, We Have Every Right to Avoid Those who ‘Bring Us Down’ and Stick with Those who ‘Raise Us Up’; that Being Said, I Think that any such Avoidance should be done with a Huge Amount of Understanding & Compassion that this too is a Human Being on Their Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension and any such Sticking should Respect the Energy Depletion of those who ‘Raise Us Up’…I Have had Criminal Charges, later dropped, laid against Me by a Narc; some of My Exes are Narcs and I Have been in The Space of Having Nothing as a Consequence of The Ended Relationships because I Lost EveryThing, yet I Have Forgiven Them ALL a Process of Forgiveness in which I Include MySelf for The Part I Played in Polluting The Interactions &  Dynamics…Losing EveryThing is a Desolate Space To Be In but, like Meditation, Prayer and so on, it Provides The Space for ‘No Mind’ aka ‘Going Crazy’; I Guess the Only Difference is that Having Nothing To Lose is as Close as We Can Get to Permanence where Meditating, Praying and the like are Impermanent Chores, A Must Do, A Routine like Me Taking My Pills for My Blood Pressure & My Cholesterol because I Trust My Doctor but Impermanent because I Can STOP!!! at AnyTime…I Cannot Change the Past, I Cannot STOP!!! My Memories from Coming & Going; I Can Control How I ReAct and Respond…so, as a Former Narc, for Me Bad Behaviour is a ReAction or Response that has Me Feeling Regret, Resentment, Remorse, Guilt, Shame & Embarrassment in The AfterMath; I Don’t need Conditioning, Rules & Regulations or Dogma to Tell Me How I FEEL!!!, I Do Need These Things to Learn From all the while Accepting that which Resonates and Graciously Rejecting The Rest…We Are ALL Different, Individual, Unique; Conformity Creates a False Sense of Sameness which is Responsible for Simmering Undercurrents of Frustration often Exploding in to Rage (Red Anger Outwards) or Subsiding in to Deep Depression (Blue Anger Inwards)…so, Yes, I Am Affected by The Past & These Losses; I Am Affected to The Extent that I May Assist Others Ascend because I Have Let Go of My Attachment to Our 3DEnvironment without Choosing to Leave aka Death or Hermitage…if a Narc endeavours to re-enter My 3DLife I Have a Primary Question for Them; That Primary Question is:
♡ “What Have You Learned?”
…and I May Have Many More Questions which They Will Have to Answer in order to Stay in My 3DLife, so I Reckon We Trust The Process Until We Are Evolved Enough to Question The Process; in The Absence of 100% Access to Our Brain Function and Other Aspects of Our Nervous System such as Our Solar Plexus We Can only find Fleeting Peace in Rest such as Meditation, Prayer and other Restful Modes…even Sleep has its Own Perils; who doesn’t have NightMares or Dreams We Oft Deem Weird? When do We Know We Are Evolved Enough? We Just Do because there is No Empirical Evidence; there is Only Faith in SomeThing We Have yet to Comprehend with Our Limited Access to Our Brains, Solar Plexus and The Rest of Our Nervous System…Faith Being an Understanding & Acceptance of Imparted Knowledge and/or Internal Wisdom; Understanding & Acceptance that Will, Inevitably, Change Over Time & Space…Our Past is Our Guide, Our Present is Our Options, Our Future is Both; ALL of These States Exist in The Now Moment so I Say Make Future Now Moments SomeThing to Look Forward To rather than SomeThing to Dread…

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