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Relationships Matter – Dishonesty

As kids we are taught that we must always tell the truth but when aunty asks mum “does my bum look big in this?” and mum says “no” when in fact it does look big we get confused. We have been introduced to the “white lie”. Another area where we begin being dishonest as kids is that of admitting we have done something wrong. This generally happens because we are scared of being punished and/or ridiculed. I guess that the reality is that things are rarely black white with almost everything being varying shades of grey. Continue reading

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Relationships Matter – Perspective

The unique combination of our nature and nurture results in the development of our own unique sense of reality or the way we see the world. Even where it appears that we agree that we’re seeing the same thing, e.g. an apple, our perceptions will be different even if only subtly so. One person may be disgusted because the apple evokes memories of being force fed fruit when a child, while in another warm memories of time spent in the orchard on their parent’s farm may be evoked. Continue reading

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Relationships Matter – Expectations

Expectations that are unarticulated, misunderstood, selfish and/or unreasonable inevitably sound the death knell of all types and forms of relationships. Continue reading

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