Relationships Matter – True Transformation

There are many Different Types of Existence across The Multiverse; Being Humanoid is One of Them and can be summarised thus:
♡ Mental States

♡ Physical Characteristics

♡ Soulful Satisfaction
…Our Mental State is The Key to Our Peaceful 3DExperience; if We Fail to Admit, Acknowledge & Address Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) then We Remain Conflicted…Illness of Our Mind becomes Illness of Our Body; a Body Designed to be Immortal via Our AutoImmune System that Can Cure AnyThing…So Why Do We Get Sick? Denial is a Particularly Nasty Form of Mental Illness; when We Deny Our True Selves We Suffer Tension and Get Caught in a Cyclic Trap of Tension/Relaxation/Tension/Relaxation et al and Suffer Sickness of Our Mind, Sickness of Our Body & Sickness of Our Soul…We Humanoids have a History of Playing The Game, Disseminating Misinformation & Getting One Over The Other; it’s Up to Us to Decide what to Agree With and what to Disagree With…Comfortably Holding Conflicting Ideas in Our Minds is Difficult; if We Can Accept a Point of View without Agreeing with it then that is a Good Thing and We Do Not Argue or Get In To Conflict…I Used to Use Words Carelessly; I Lost a Lot of Family, Friends & Lovers; now I Am more Circumspect in The Language I Use and with Whom…Appropriateness is a Value Shared between Certain Individuals & Groups; if One wishes to Remain Part of a Group or Couple One must be Appropriate and Adhere to The Rules & Regulations of that Couple or Group 😀 …So What Happens when We Quit Our Fights; My Experience is that There Are Three Primary Keys:
♡ Peace

♡ Love

♡ Joy
…We May Need to Lose Our Minds aka Going Crazy in order to Rediscover Our True Self; it’s Worth It…Focus on You; Focus on Loving YourSelf…Physical Characteristics of Us as Humanoids Demand Sustenance, Society & Shelter; We Are Diverse in Appearance and Our Appearance may be Worshipped or, More Likely, Ridiculed…We Are Bags of Bones, Sacks of Skin, Fragile Flesh; Our Organs Are Self-Sustaining…Why is Hair so Important; Ladies want Rid of it on Their Bodies and Gents want to Restore it on Their Heads?…We Are So Much More than Our 3DBodies; from Birth We Are Extorted to be Fit, Healthy & Good Looking by Paying for Products that Support that False Premise…when We Get It, We Let Go of Any Need for Cures or Remedies for Perfectly Natural Bodily Functions; We, Once Again, Rely Soley on Our Perfect AutoImmune System & Our Bodily Processes…Our Challenge is to Get Past Our Appearance & Expectations; to Get to The Heart of Who We Really Are…We Have Many Body Parts; some of these We Still Do Not Fully Understand, Key amongst which is Our Nervous System…Our Ganglia (Brain, Spinal Cord & Solar Plexus) Drive Us; Our:
♡ Brain Processes

♡ Spinal Cord Coordinates

♡ Solar Plexus is The Seat of Our Emotions in addition to Being Our Access to Our Source
…Dis-Ease in Our Mind shows Up as Disease in Our Body; so I Say “Be At Peace”…Avoid Harming Self & Others be it Mental, Physical or Spiritual; No Matter how Badly Provoked…The Only Exception Being Avoiding Harm via Self-Defence of Self or Others…I Am getting Heart Attacks, Joint Pains, Nausea and both Neural & Muscular Discomfort; it is all Passing without Medical Intervention such as ‘Leeching’…I Don’t Know what this means; I Am guessing it is part of Our Ascension Process…The Bible records Jesus saying of His ‘miracles’ something like “You have Healed ThySelf; Your Faith has Healed You.”, I Am not Even Remotely Religious but My Marvellous Mom is so I Accept those parts of The Bible that Resonate with Me…the Idea that We Are ALL Self-Healing Resonates Very Strongly with Me; perhaps it Really is all Psychosomatic?…for Those of Us who Are Ready some Interesting Things are Going On; These Things include:
♡ DNA Upgrades

♡ Merging of Our Physical Body with Our Light Body

♡ Transition from Carbon Based to Crystalline Based
…so while Nutrition is Important to a Carbon Based Body, a Crystalline Based Body is Self Sufficient; this is why there Are Some of Us who Survive on Water Alone…Eating Becomes such a Chore as We Ascend; I Am Subsisting on Copious Draughts of Red Wine…We Are Encouraged to Sanitise yet I Find that Messiness & Dirt Help Me Get Past The Notion that 3DExistence is ALL there is; Being Messy & Dirty Reminds Me of Being a Kid…which, of course, Begs The Question; Why ‘Grow Up’ at ALL? Answers on a Postcard Please; Failing That a Reply or Comment Here Will Do…Our Soulful Satisfaction is Gained when Mind, Body & Soul Are In Synch; Our DreamTime Slumber, Meditation, Prayer and such like are Great Times to Listen to Our Souls Yearnings…Our Dreams may not Make Sense at The Time but Clarity Will Happen Over Time; Patience is The Key…The Fucking French call it ‘La Petite Mort’, ‘The Little Death’; it’s when We Sleep, Daydream, Meditate, Pray and Such Like that Our Soul Leaves Us…We Are Grateful for The Return of Our Soul; it is Our Passport to Immortality…so, once again, Avoid Harming Self or Others, Be it Mental, Physical or Spiritual Harm, No Matter how Badly Provoked…The One Exception Being Avoiding Harm aka Defence; Being Self-Defence or Defence of Others…How Do We Know when to Defend? Trust in Our True Selves…Ergo, EveryOne EXPAND YOUR EGO; just Don’t Be An AssHole about The Enhancement…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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