Relationships Matter – True Transformation


♡ I Suggest Do NOT!!! Give Up On Behaviour by Forcing Change e.g. a Resolution/Commitment at Some Artificially Created, Ritualistic Linear Time like ‘New Year’, Birthday’ or Any Other Stupidity in The Context of Linear Time; it Will Never Happen and Result in Déjà Vú, Circular Time, Repeating Stuff Over and Over and Over Again…because Behaviours ARE Part of Who We ARE Right Now; Our Behaviours will Settle when THEY ARE Good AND Ready…We ARE, indeed, Creatures of Choice and Change; Adaptability, Adjustability, Allowance, Affability, Ability, Acquiescence and Acceptance ARE The Keys 🤓🙄🤗 …We Have No Control over TimeTabling, TimeFrame, Periods (Pun Intended Because I Have A Penis 😂😁😀 ) et al yet We Can Set Intentions; ‘Intention You Have Set; So Happen It Will.’ ~ Paraphrasing Yoda…there’s ‘Hard Work’; there’s ‘Smart Work’…The Wealthiest Work ‘Smart’, Few Hours, Much Money, Morose and Miserable; The Happiest Work ‘Hard’, Many Hours, Little Money, Extremely Enormous Satisfaction…I Changed My Expectations of Others, what I Expected of Them; Some Call Me Cynical, I Call Me Emotionally Smart…Others ARE As Crazy as I AM; which is A Very Interesting Proposition for ALL The OutSane…I AM InSane (InSide Sanity); Others Decide if They ARE In The Same Place or OutSane (OutSide Sanity) 😂😁😀 …I Stole Food as A Youngster and My Logic was Simple; My Logic Was I Have No Money so if I Get Caught SomeOne Else Will Pay for My Sustenance, Society and Shelter with Three Meals A Day, Company (Some Questionable but ALL Humanoids 😂😁😀 ) and A Home while I AM In Prison…while In Prison I May also Get The Opportunity to Have My Education Paid For; when I AM Released maybe SomeOne may be Generous or Visionary Enough to Hire An Ex-Con or I Will Run My Own Business 🤓 …Trauma, Rage and Sadness ARE Realities Here In Our Shared 3DExistence yet Perception is EveryThing; just ASK Nelson Mandela after 25 Years In Prison then President of South Africa 🤓🙄🤗 …Projection/Reflection is Easily Missed EveryOne; whether it’s ‘Rage’ 😠 , ‘Money’ 🤑 , ‘Materialism’ 😎 or Pure Love 😗 Our Experience is A Mirror for Us To Consider 🤓 …Our Emotional Response; then Our Intellectual ReAction or NonAction 🤓🙄🤗 …


♡ “You ARE More Stupid than I Ever Gave You Credit For; Be Grateful I AM Not Ignoring You NOW!!!”

… 😂😁😀 ; 🤓🙄🤗 …Having Returned to The Purity of My Childlike State I AM My Place Of Love, In Joy and At Peace perfect sayings; so I Always take My Place with Me WhereEver I Go…I AM So Understanding that it takes Linear Time for Others to Get This; so Please Be Patient 😎 …in the meantime SomeThing, Arguably Morbid, to ponder ‘pon; Do ALL Dying People Exhale with Their ‘Last Breath’ or Do Some Hold Their Breath 🤔 ?… so, Finally in This Lengthy Treatise, We Actually Have Seven Eyes; Two in The Back Of Our Heads plus The Third Eye and The Fourth and Fifth Eyes in Our Left & Right Brains…just ask Any Mother or Teacher who Camly Sez “I Can SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) What You ARE Doing.” ALL The While Looking The Other Way; I Can SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) BackStabbers Well Before I AM BackStabbed 😂😁😀🤓🙄🤗 …


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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