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I THINK!!! that Liberty is So Much More Important than Money and Material Wealth; yet So Many Of Us PREFER!!! The Gilded Cage (Gated ‘Secure’ Communities, Genetic Engineering, ‘Midsomer Murders’ ~ British Drama Series, Appropriateness, ‘Power’ & Politics, ‘Perfection’ et al πŸ™„) to The Extent of Risking Prosecution for Criminal Acts like:

β™‘ Stealing from Others via Theft and Burglary
β™‘ Exploiting Others through Fiscal Fraud
β™‘ Assaulting/Murdering Others for Financial Gain

…then there is Trafficking, Protection Rackets and Many Other Forms of Control & Intimidation Purely In The Interests of Making Money then Justified and Defended in Numerous Ways; so, Go Ahead and Build Up that Cash Stack then Burn It on Bribery/Control, Spend It on Consumerism, Give It Away in Inept Inheritance or Have It with The Corpse in The Grave like The Pharaohs in The Pyramids…so Many More Fun Things To Do With Money; to be Understood, These Things Simply and Complexly Need Us to Observe OurSelves, Observe Information & Experience then Extract Our Own Truth by THINKING!!!…now, Here’s The Rub; We Do and Say things that Get Us feeling:

β™‘ Angry & Ashamed
β™‘ Conflicted & Confused
β™‘ Guilty & Embarrassed

…then We Deny & Justify these ‘Negative Feelings’, (Blaming Other People, Events & Things rather than Taking Our Own Personal Accountability & Responsibility for Our Emotions, Thoughts and Activations/Non-Activations) because We Cannot Bear The Thought that there is Even A Hint of a ‘Bad Person’ Looking Back at Us from Our Life Mirror; I CHOSE!!! to Look My ‘Bad Person’ from My Life Mirror In The Eye and Discovered (Re-Discovered πŸ€” ?) an Interesting Thing which is that I Have a LOWER:

β™‘ Frequency
β™‘ Ego/Self
β™‘ Vibration

…and I Have a HIGHER:

β™‘ Frequency
β™‘ Ego/Self
β™‘ Vibration

…I Discovered (Re-Discovered πŸ€” ?) also that My “LOWER” is My Head with it’s Psychological Conditioning from Upbringing including My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and My “HIGHER” is My Heart, My Soul (Strictly Speaking Solar Plexus aka Our Sun/Star In Our Stomach and Our Pineal Gland aka Our Third Eye, A Sun/Star In Our Forehead); like The Sun Our Solar Plexus is Constantly Exploding, sometimes Quite Violently 😣 like Solar Flares & Solar Wind, generating:

β™‘ Emotions like Anger/Calm, Hate/LOVE!!! et al
β™‘ Heat/Light
β™‘ Insight/Epiphany

…Our Solar Plexus is Directly connected to Our Brain via Our Spinal Cord and when These Connections Become POLLUTED by Our Upbringing We Live Our Lives Primarily from Our “LOWER” aka 3DHead; when We Surrender to Our “HIGHER” aka 4DHeart (Our Sun In Our Stomach and Forehead by Returning to The Purity of Our Childlike State) Our Soul Gradually PURIFIES these POLLUTED Connections (By No Means A Comfortable Process πŸ˜£πŸ˜•πŸ˜” ) Restoring them to Crystal Clear Clarity (Carbon Based to Crystalline Evolution) thereby Giving Us Back Our Access to:

β™‘ Source
β™‘ Universal Database
β™‘ Recklessness!!!
β™‘ Gut Feeling
β™‘ Instinct
β™‘ Soul Urge
β™‘ Dearest Divine
β™‘ Goddess
β™‘ God

…whatever We Wanna call it; We Are Beings Of Light and ALL Perfectly Capable of Re-Integrating Our Darkness instead of Denying Darkness, this Restoration Process Completed FOR Me a While Ago after 9 years Post Marriage Separation followed by Divorce, Joblessness, Homelessness then RECOVERY with the Invaluable, Very Versatile, Concerned, Unconditional (Though Sometimes A Little ScaredAngry), Freely Offered Support I Received With Eternal Gratitude from Family/Friends and I Have Virtually ELIMINATED The Issues of My Upbringing πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ …I Have Restored the Crystal Clear Communication between My Lower Self (Head, Ego, Brain) and Higher Self (Heart, Soul, Solar Plexus) πŸ€“πŸ™„πŸ€— ; The OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry) Clearly SEEMS to hold The View that Requires Us to Pay Them Handsomely to Get ALL of The Freely Shared Views above…Hmmm? I Guess the OSI must be Driven by Their LowerEgo, I Have CHOSEN To Be Driven by My Higher Ego; what Do You CHOOSE!!! πŸ€” ?…


Some Claim They ARE Transformed; Those of Us Who Are:

β™‘ 3DFolk ARE Inauthentic – Unaware & Asleep
β™‘ 4DFolk ARE Neutral – Unware & Awake
β™‘ 5DFolk ARE Authentic – Aware & Awake

…there ARE 3DFolk who believe that they are 5DFolk and These 3DFolk, in Their Unware, Sleeping State of Ignorance, Charge for Their 5DGifts; 4D&5DFolk do not Charge for Their 5DGifts…yet They Understand The Importance of Accepting or Graciously Rejecting an Offering; Giving is Infinitely More Satisfying than Getting, especially when Paid Forward…so We THINK!!! Communication is Only Words; Transpersonal Transaction Contends that We Communicate also with:

β™‘ Facial Expressions/Body Language
β™‘ Energetically/Soulfully
β™‘ Mindfully/Telepathically

…Pay Attention unless Bored πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€ ; OtherWise SomeThing May Be Missed πŸ€“ …


I Think About Time This Way, Spiral Time is like a Spiral Slide so if We Spiral Time Slide We Get Dizzy; as for The Others:

β™‘ Linear Time is Event After Event; then Outcome then Event then Outcome
β™‘ Circular Time is a Failure to Learn from Events; ‘DΓ©jΓ  VΓΊ’ ~ Movie with Denzil Washington and ‘Groundhog Day’ ~ Movie with Bill Murray et al so Events ARE Repeated Until The Lesson is Learned
β™‘ Spherical Time is Creative Space; The Vacuum in to which The Universe Expands Spherically…The Only Natural Shape is a Sphere and its Variants such as Circles, Hemispheres, Ovals et al; I Need No Longer Peddle in Proof or Elucidate Evidence for Spherical Time, I Witness It Every Day πŸ€“πŸ™„πŸ€—

…of course No Discourse about Linear Time is Complete without Mentioning ‘Death’; there ARE so many ‘Dead’ Bits of ‘Me’ such as:

β™‘ Poo
β™‘ Tears
β™‘ Hair
β™‘ Skin
β™‘ Sweat
β™‘ Snot
β™‘ Urine
β™‘ Nails

… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€ so I Celebrate ‘Death’ as an Expression of Life like The Irish Wakes with The Corpse Set Against The Wall in Its Coffin while The Living Party πŸ˜€ ; those Who ARE Gone ARE Still Here Experiencing Differently just like The ‘Dead’ Bits of ‘Me’, The Only One UnConcerned with Their Death is The Dead Person πŸ€— …Gaia is Now Firmly Anchored in 12D while Simultaneously Existing in 3D…so We Can ALL Do The Same if We CHOOSE!!! To Do So; How πŸ€” ? I Started by THINKING!!! for MySelf Again; Returning to The Purity of My Childlike State πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š …and, Finally, it’s Well Worth Paying Attention to Mindfulness; that Capacity We ALL Have to Focus on What We ARE Doing Right NOW!!! so Many of Us Get Distracted because of Frustration about The Past and/or The Future leading to MORE FRUSTRATION!!! 😠😑😡😳😞😟 ; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong and Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! ‘Sum Ergo Cognito’, I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One, It Is Time to Celebrate ‘Death’ for Those Whose Linear Time Has Come 😊 …


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