ReBlogging ‘Faithless, David Guetta – God is A DJ (Official Visualiser)’ Goddess is a Better “DJ” – Link Below

Music video by Faithless, David Guetta performing God is A DJ (Official Visualiser). (C) 2021 Ministry of Sound Recordings / Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Faithless, David Guetta – God is A DJ (Official Visualiser)

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  2. mosckerr says:

    Pam Larson. Knowing (a Pagan diety) through His Word … Day by Day. December 23 Zechariah (chapters)

    The minor prophets, due to the limitations of their subject matter, should intermix with the larger Books of the Prophets by which to learn a precedent. The study of the Torah and Talmud, both learn by means of precedents. This most essential discipline, the Gospel foreign authors did not know nor understand. The Book of זכריה, the closest precedent to ו:ט-טו, the sugia ח:ט-יט. There the prophet concludes והאמת והשלום אהבו\and the truth and shalom loved. The mussar whereby this precedent learns your quoted sugia – emphasis and priority placed upon tohor social interactions rather than buildings constructed of wood and stone.

    This 2nd Temple prophet compares to the Book of Kings, which likewise addresses the subject of constructing the Temple in Jerusalem. A precedent comparative sugia מלכים א ט:א-יג. The construction of the Temple built to serve as evidence for the revelation of the opening 1st two Commandments at Sinai. Blessing and curse. The construction of the Temple upon Zion compares to the brit melah\circumcision – a sign of the brit.

    You employ PEACE as a noun. But שלום in fact exists as a verb. Shalom cannot exist without trust. The brit faith always and forever stands upon the life\death — blessing\curse — path of faith. Faith too exists as a verb rather than a noun. Faith requires taking responsibility for the blessing\curse oath brit faith. The mitzva of kre’a shma, this Torah commandment defines the k’vanna of love. Kre’a shma said in the evening and morning tefillot. The evening tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah curses. The morning tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah blessings. Love which fails to embrace “responsibility” for both the good and the evil — not love.

    Which Torah oath brit does acceptance of the yoke of heaven stand upon as the יסוד\foundation of faith? (This same question equally applies to all rabbinic mitzvot, chief of which the rabbinic mitzva of the prophet Shmuel\Samuel anointing David as moshiach.) Answer, concerning the construction of the Temple: HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the pieces (משל); HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the tohor Yatzir and tumah Yatzir (נמשל). The (Temple/house of tefillah), tefillah a mitzvah of the heart. The k’vannah of tefillah – a positive time oriented Torah commandment; this 3rd division of the 613 commandments requires k’vanna. Specifically: to remember t’shuvah made upon tumah social interactions … and the t’shuvah made upon tohor social interactions. The former results in the curse of Civil War. Whereas the latter produces the trust required for the people of Israel to live in peace and harmony together as a people … despite our internal conflicts of interests and contentions, within the borders of the oath sworn lands.

    A study of NaCH metaphors.

    Shall open with the sugia of ישעיה ד:ב – ו. Scholarship upon the T’NaCH compares sugiot within a particular Prophet Writing to other sugiot within that same Book. Afterwards, if a scholar makes a cross comparison with other NaCH Books, again rabbinic discipline requires bringing at least one other source from within that same Book.

    A similar sugia “precedent” by which a scholar can compare sugia against sugia ישעיה יח:ז. What “gift” shall a great and mighty nation dedicate unto HaShem on Zion? ישעיה מה:יא-יג. The geulah of Israel from g’lut.

    Cross reference this Prophet with ירמיה ט:יב-יד, a vision of g’lut. The two prophets command a strong mussar of blessing and curse. ירמיהיא:כ,כא. Examine ירמיה יז:יא-יג: A similar strong mussar. Contrast ירמיה כג:ה,ו which instructs a mussar along the vision of ישעיה.

    The NaCH prophets, their mussar instruction addresses the life and death mussar which Moshe the prophet taught on his last day before he passed.

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