ReBlogging ‘Empaths A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend…’ – Link Below

Empaths A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Empaths A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend…

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  1. mosckerr says:

    Thoughts on the Yom HaDin upon the Brit – ראש השנה.

    As the month of Elul comes to a close, the open window to contemplate t’shuva slowly begins to shut. Can t’shuva create a new creation from nothing? No. T’shuva requires the dedication of Will to make changes in life habits. To change the natural course taken by a powerful river – exceptionally difficult. Some refer to Man as a creature of habits. Europeans have the habit of behaving as bullies, prone to extreme acts of violence at the drop of a leaf; possessed by a cursed lycanthrope mental insanity. A leopard cannot change its spots. Religion and culture serve to camouflage the mentally deranged European mind. On the other side of the equation: can Jews ever forgive European sub-human apes?

    T’shuva: a most perplexing problem. Could post Shoah Israel ever “trust” that European interests will never again scapegoat Jews? No. Europeans do not merit “trust” ever again. European governments employ “Peace efforts” to conceal that no peace can ever exist between post Shoah Jewry and Europe: that which is crooked can never be made straight.

    Europe did not “SIN” against the Jewish people any more than Man can sin against G-d for not keeping the law. The latter term of reference clearly refutes the New testament rhetoric theology. That Roman\Greek imitation attempt to duplicate prophesy failed on the chief cornerstone which distinguishes the oath brit faith from keeping the commandments. New testament propaganda asserts that the brit and obedience to the Commandments exist as a unified whole. No.

    A person worships HaShem by observance of the Commandments. But observance of Commandments – totally optional and voluntary. The Torah does not obligate anyone to keep the commandments just as the Torah does not oblige a person to dedicate a korban. A person who brings a korban does so to express the t’shuva of his Will. A person who makes a public show of offering a korban, lacking t’shuva, that korban occupies the function of a barbecue to heaven. The two burnt offerings, the bookends of the Cohen Temple serve, serve the function, to remember מעשה בראשית.

    The Talmud distinguishes between obligatory commandments from רשות\permission authority to keep commandments. Both Men and Women stood and accepted the Torah at Sinai. Men committed the avoda zara of the golden calf. Therefore, post golden calf, just as women have permission to keep and do positive time oriented commandments; measure for measure: men have permission to keep and do positive and negative commandments. The avoda zara of the golden calf forever serves as mussar to the generations of the chosen Cohen nation prior to ראש השנה. A leopard cannot change its spots.

    The language of obligatory commandments stands upon the יסוד that Man fully dedicates his Will to doing t’shuva. Every person living has ‘bad hair days’. T’shuva compares to a Man who cheats on his wife, and that wife forgives him. Twenty years down the road, what happens when that Man encounters a riveting and arousing younger woman, who too wants sex? Torah obligations to keep commandments apply strictly and only to the baali t’shuva. Yiddishkeit makes no allowance for the Son of God – who never sinned – foreign theology narishkeit.

    The two opposing poles of the מעשה בראשית battery: G’lut vs. Gaulah. A person cannot accept the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven without the dedication of both Yatzirot to righteous justice among our People. Consequently, the guilt of “SIN“, means nothing to a Man who has no t’shuva; any more than does ‘fear of Heaven’ apply to a Man who has no shame. Goyim who do not keep the commandments do not sin because – what do these Goyim know about t’shuva? European Goyim chose to believe the new testament rhetoric propaganda; they voluntarily bought into the Xtian ‘Fire & Brimstone’ – Satan guilt trip; as they equally believed the blood libels and host desecration slanders.

    However Goyim never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev. Consequently they most certainly have no “obligation” to keep and do Torah commandments. The Pauline rhetoric: “you’re not under the Law”, served as nothing more than a red herring. A distraction from the theological holes within the false messiah Jesus theology: Goyim require no messiah to save them from any heavenly decreed Hell damnation.


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