Relationships Matter – Linear TimeLines


◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

In My Experience there ARE Three Ways to 3DLive in The 3DLifeStream; these Three Ways Being:

◇ Swim UpStream; so as to Make OurSelves Miserable with ALL that UnNecessary EFFORT!!!
◇ Swim DownStream; coasting and, at Worst, Stagnant in Our Comfort Zones
◇ Staying Still – Waiting to CHOOSE!!! from The Options that Flow to Us and then further CHOICES!!! and DECISIONS!!!

…it wasn’t My Conscious THINKING!!! that CHOSE!!! The Way I Live My 3DLife NOW!!! it was My Acceptance of What I May Control and What I Cannot Control; for example, I Cannot Control the Frequency of Contact from Others especially Loved Ones Who Desire The Power of Being Contacted First or, indeed, do not Desire Contact at ALL…

◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



♤ So, Let Me Get This Straight; it’s Okay to Cuddle Family No Matter how many in The Family NOT!!! just Two, pet’s don’t Carry This Thing yet so called ‘medical experts’ claim IT was originally non-human from animals and, even now, have NO IDEA!!! how to vaccinate This THING!!!…so I ASK!!! is NoOne Else ASKING!!! Questions of the ‘medical experts’ and Getting ALL of The Info instead of Ignoring The Obvious; which is that This is a Variant of The Common Cold as Viruses ARE ALWAYS Constantly Mutating ergo NOT!!! at ALL “New” and there is No Cure apart from Our AutoImmune System…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Bird Flu, Bubonic Plague and so on come to Mind; how did Our ‘medical experts’ reach this Level of Virtually Total InCompetence unless Treating what They Could Have PREVENTED!!! 🤔 ?


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