Relationships Matter – Panic



◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


◇ From the Dawn of Mankind ‘Doctors’ Have Claimed the Capacity to Cure; yet a Virus has No Cure and Bacteria Adapt to Antibiotics, Go Figure and Research only Accepting that which Resonates with YOU!!! if YOU!!! Care to DisAgree with Me instead of ARGUING!!!…most Medical Professionals Care; others ARE 💯 Cash Oriented and Play a Guessing Game like The LEECHES, Head Drillers and Lobotomists that Preceded Them…as an aside; the first questions asked by ‘Alternative’ Health Practitioners are:


♡ “Are you happy 🤔 ?”

♡ “When did you last laugh and dance 🤔 ?”

♡ “When was the last time you gave to others with no thought of return 🤔 ?”


◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇






◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


♡ VIRUS n. vaccine; strengthens autoimmune system

♤ Bacteria Adapt Rapidly to Antibiotics

♧ Clubbing – Pharma is Only Interested, pun intended, in CASH!!! NOT!!! in Curing; if We ARE ALL Cured where does Pharma Get Their CASH!!! from 🤭🤫🤔 ? – Clubbing


…the numbers don’t add up with CORONA EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Thousands 0.1%, Millions 1%, Billions 10% of Gaias Population of Humans is a “Pandemic” not the Hundreds 0.01% BEING REPORTED BY PANICKED PEOPLE!!! especially ‘MEDICAL EXPERTS’ and HYSTERICAL, DUMB, DISTORTED, SENSATIONALIST MEDIA!!! ALL MENTALLY DISTURBED!!!…


◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇






♤ Frequent Friends (Head; Factual); beware of These ‘Friends’, They WILL!!! Deliver Punishment for The Slightest Slight to Their Idiotic Intellect and Expectations; to The Extent of Falling Out and CHOOSING!!! NEVER!!! Communicating EVER!!! Again

♡ Fast Friends (Heart; Emotional); hold on to These Very Dear Friends who ARE Always There EVEN!!! if it Takes Decades to Reach Resolution when Issues Arise

◇ Hence CHOOSE!!! Your Friends Carefully; or YOU!!! WILL!!! Suffer Subsequent Consequences to YOUR!!! Detriment


…personally I Prefer Management of Our ‘Negative Emotions’ rather than ELIMINATION!!! of Our ‘Negative Emotions’ ALL; after all Our ‘Negative Emotions’ ARE Ours and Ours Alone EveryOne…






So; please ALL, YOUR!!! Non-Panicky THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne On:


♤ Lepers – Millennia Ago

♤ Bubonic Plague/Pox – Centuries Ago

♤ Colds/Pneumonia – Last Century

♤ Cancer/Tumours – Last Century

♤ HIV/AIDS – Last Century

♤ Ebola – Last Century

♤ Corona/Colds/Pneumonia – This Century


…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I TRUST!!! My AutoImmune System so I DON’T PANIC!!! so; what about YOU!!! 🤭🤫 🤔 ?…



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Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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