Relationships Matter – Dumb Funny Munny


◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

◇ We ARE Generally Raised to Find a Job, Any Job, to Earn Money with a Total Disregard for Our Talents, Passions, Interests (pun intended); so We End Up in Dead End Jobs Just to Pay The Bills instead of Being in a Job We Enjoy so it doesn’t Seem like Hard Work yet We Work Hard and The Boss has to Chase Us Out of The WorkPlace for Our Own Good so as to Return The Following Day without Burning Out…some of Us ARE Fortunate Enough to Go Through Tough Times and End Up on Disability Welfare and Excused from The WorkForce; this may sound like a Contradiction in Terms…the Reality is that those with Disabilities ARE Free from The Distractions of Making and Spending Money; so The Focus can be on Creative Pursuits and Management of The Relatively Small Sums of Welfare Payments…some in The WorkForce Look Askance at Those on Welfare with Envy and Jealously; yet, Quite Conveniently, Forgetting The Payment of Taxes that Welfare Recipients have Previously Made while in The WorkForce…

◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



♡ One of the Most Empowering Acts of Service is to Give WithOut Thought of Reward; unfortunately We ARE Conditioned to Earn Exponentially thus making it Virtually Impossible to Accept Gifts except at Those Parentally Imposed Times (PITS) like Christmas and Birthdays et al


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