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When We Perceive that We ARE Being Insulted, Put Down, Mocked, Destructivly Criticised et al by Another aka Bullying, Trolling and ALL those Other ‘Negative’ Nasties (often dressed up by Attackers (Wolf In Sheeps Clothing) as ‘Positive’ Feedback) I THINK!!! that Visualisation is a Very Powerful Way for Us to Get Things in Perspective; one of My Favourite Visualisations is ‘The Bullet Proof, Rubberised One Way Mirror’…in this Visualisation The Attacker is on The Mirror Side with gun in hand and I AM on The Other Side Seeing Them with Cystal Clear Clarity and, from Their Angry Perspective, Being a Disembodied Voice of Argument…eventually They Become Raging to the extent that they fire bullets at The Mirror where The Voice is coming from; so this means:

♡ 1. They ARE firing at Their Reflection
♡ 2. The bullets ARE Their Bullying Behaviour
♡ 3. The bullets RICOCHET!!! off The Rubberised Mirror Back at Them

…another Visualisation is Imagining, from a Place of Care, Kindness and Compassion, that The Attacker is in a Vulnerable Place and The Bullying Behaviour is Their Clumsy Way of Asking for Assistance; then it becomes Crystal Clear Clarity to You that These Horrible Words ARE NOT!!! about You at ALL, in fact The Attacker wants:

♡ “…to be like you, talk like you, walk like you…” ~ look up this quote online for a bit of Childlike Inspiration on how to Deal with Attackers EveryOne

…to Manage an Attacker to More Effective, Respectful and Productive Forms of Getting Their Message Across is by No Means an Easy UnderTaking; yet it’s Worth It and Good for Our Creative/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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