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“…It’s Life, It’s Life; It’s Death, It’s Death…” ~ Extract from The ‘Kamate Haka’ performed by The New Zealand All Blacks before Game Time; the All Blacks ARE The Best Rugby Union Team in The World…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that Suicide and Euthanasia ARE CHOICES!!! that ARE often Taken Away by Laws and Well Meaning yet Self Serving, Selfish Folk Who Wish to Avoid Mourning 😔 ; it may Sound Harsh but if SomeOne Says “I wanna kill myself.” I Say “Go ahead.” then They Ask “Why would I wanna kill myself 🤔 ?” and a Potentially Life Saving Conversation Begins, Reverse Psychology 🤓 …an Upset, Oppressed Child may Say “I’m gonna hold my breath until I die.”; and They Do Hold Their Breath until Turning Blue and Passing Out in a State of Rebellion that is an Understandable Reaction to Many, Myriad Commands of “DON’T DO THAT!!!”…there is a ‘Do Gooder’ ISSUE!!! Here EVERYONE!!! an Aloofness and Arrogance that Says “I KNOW BETTER; SO YOU BETTER DO AS YOUR TOLD OR ELSE!!! 😠”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that This Kind (Pun Intended) of Approach to Life is No Good for Relationships, what d’yall THINK!!! 🤔 ?



♡ It’s a Universal Truth that Only Our AutoImmune System is a Curative and it Begins in Our Psyche EveryOne, ‘Mind Over Matter’; everything else, Pharma, Herbs et al, Simply Treat Symptoms in Order to Make Us More Comfortable…these Treatments either Hinder or Assist Our AutoImmune System; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Experience is that Pain and Discomfort means One of Three Things:

♡ 1. I AM Growing
♡ 2. I AM Healing
♡ 3. I AM Pregnant NOT!!! Sick

…in The Context of Relationships We Generally Wannabe at 1; sometimes things Don’t Go To Plan so We Find OurSelves at 2 which May Lead to 3 Being The Birth of an Amazing, UnExpected OutCome…

♡ ‘ANYWHERE IS’ ~ Enya Album, ‘Memory Of The Trees


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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