Relationships Matter – Life Paths


♡ ‘Parenting’

Parent: “You owe me; I gave up my life for you.”
Child: “You owe me, I didn’t ask to be born; ask you to.”
Parent: “I guess that makes sense; it rings very much true.”


♡ ‘Feedback’

I AM Called ‘Mate’; I AM Called ‘Dick’
My Pure Purpose is Pure Wick
Which Do You Pick 🤔 ?


♡ ‘The Warrior, The Cook and The Gardner ALL In One’

So You THINK!!! a Warriors Might is in The Way They Fight 🤔 ?
Oh Poor You; You Dictatorial, Dominating Little Blight
The Warrior Knows where There is Light


♡ ‘I Made This!!!’

“Succes is Sucide” ~ Coldplay, ‘Lost+’
Raises such questions thus
Why failure cus 🤔 ?


♡ ‘Rage’

I AM Better Blue Raging, Depressed, Hurting MySelf I Feel
For if I AM Red Raging, Furious HURTING!!! Others, They Reel
If Only I Remained on an Even Keel and Be that Wondrous Thing To Be Real


♡ ‘Understanding’

When others seem mean ask them why
The flood of anger runs dry
Then they start to cry


♡ ‘Mortality’

Sport is War WithOut Death
Some Sense Fear Loss of Breath
War is Consequence of Fearful Queth


♡ ‘Fair Weather Acquaintances’

False, Fake Friends Flatter You
Firm, Fast Friends Forge True
Especially Differing View


♡ ‘F.E.A.R (Friendly Emotive Active ReAction)’

Never Be Afraid to Step in to The Breach
Feel The Fear and Stretch Out then Really Reach
At SomeTime there is a Return to a Comfortable Beach


♡ ‘Primal Energetic Acceptance’

I Energise from My Solar Plexus and The Base of My Spine
My Energy Rising through My Solar Plexus Up My Spine
I AM Energising via My Solar Plexus and My Spine


♡ ‘UnGrateful’

Gratitude Attitude Of Appreciation (GAOA) is A Wonderful Beast
Janus Journey is Looking Back and Forward; a Two Way Lease
So How About Be in Your Place Of Love, In Joy, At Peace 🤔 ?


♡ ‘The One’

When We Met I Was Foolishly Flattering; Silly Sod You
No Matter what, I Did Cook, Clean, Garden, Money; I Stayed True
Obedience and Dominance Were NEVER!!! on My Relationship Menu


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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