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The Twelve Months Spanning My Last Two Birthdays, plus The Few Months Either Side in Linear Time, Have, For Me at Least, Been Supremely Insightful, Epiphytic, Eventually Eventful EveryOne; with The Utmost Courtesy to ALL I Will Share an Altered, Alternative View of Mine that Some May Find Contentious, Even Blasphemous, while Others May Accept My View, at the Same Linear Time Quietly, Respectfully, Politely Agreeing-To-Disagree and yet Others May Feel A Strong Resonance, Entering in to an Extended Phase of Deep Thought, Reflection and Rembrance like I Did Giving Me Incredible Insights and Epiphanies…There is No ‘Supreme Being’; We ARE The Supreme Beings…the Notion of Authority is a 3DIllusion Created by Us so We Create OverSeers of Instruction, Ritual, Practice, Dictatorship and Other Dogma, in Order to Worship Them; no matter how Benevolent The OverSeer is Deemed To Be, We Believe The OverSeers To Be, We Perceive That We Must Obey These All-Knowing, Authoritative OverSeers in Order To Be in a Consistently, Constantly, Continuously State of Pure, Childlike Bliss…I Have Returned to The Purity of Our Childlike State, I AM; Once Again Like a Child, I AM:

♡ Of Love
♡ In Joy
♡ At Peace

…I Can Confirm that Accountability and Responsibility Remain a Priority for Me as an Equal of Others Here in Our Shared 3DEnvironment; in My Experience there ARE 5 Main Types of Accountability and Responsibility for a LifeTime of LifeLong Learning which ARE:

♡ Individual
♡ Paired
♡ Collective
♡ Collection of Collectives
♡ Divinely Soulful

…these ALL Exist on Many Levels; such Levels Being Things Like:

♡ Planetary like Gaia and Other Planets
♡ Humanoid like Us and Other Humanoid Kadmon Etheric Templates
♡ Galactic like The Milky Way and Other Galaxies
♡ MultiDimensional like Wormholes, Blackholes and Anomalies
♡ Stellar like Sol, The Sun and Other Stars

…and Many, Many, Many More; We ARE The Supreme Beings Co-Existing and Co-Creating, Creatures of Choice and Change…so if We Remain Bound to Dogma We Remain Tied Up in The Unconscious Knowledge that We Can FREE OurSelves from Our Bonds; a Source of Extreme Suffering…this Return to Awareness is NOT!!! an Easy, Evolutionary Journey and Must NOT!!! Be Taken Lightly; for Those of Us Who ARE NOT!!! yet Ready to Evolve, I Suggest Stay Bound to Current Dogma Until Ready to SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy)…in The Meantime, EveryOne, I Remain Open to ALL and Any Questions; no matter what Questions ARE Asked I Will Endeavour to Answer as Best I Can 🤗 …With Deepest Gratitude, Thanks and Appreciation to ALL Contributors Here; especially The Silent Ones WHO CHOOSE!!! Reflection Before Responding from a Thoughtful, Soulful Place rather than an Emotional Place 😂😁😉 …it is Wise to Take Linear Time to Process Emotion BEFORE!!! Having an Honest, Brutal, Kind Conversation; the Alternative is Sadness, Rage, Depression and Anxiety and Breakdown in Our Communications 😐😯😔 …



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