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So, Just What is ‘Success’ EveryOne πŸ€” ? We Recieve A LOT!!! of Advice about Achieving ‘Success’ in 3DLife as We ‘Grow Up’ from ‘Grown Ups’…Some, ‘Successful Grown Ups’ & Most, ‘UnSuccessful Grown Ups’ Seeking ‘Success’ Through Kids; Advice such as:

β™‘ Don’t Put Off until Tomorrow what You Can Do Today πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Leave for Today what You Can Do Tomorrow πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Look Before You Leap πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Leap and The Net Shall Appear πŸ€” ?
β™‘ There Are No Limits πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Recognise Your Limitations πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Barking Up The Wrong Tree πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall πŸ€” ?
β™‘ Choose an Absolute Philosophy or Prioritise and Choose Balance πŸ€” ?

…so Let’s Consider Limits, Limiting Beliefs, Low Self Esteem, Limiting Behaviour, Lack of Self Confidence and So On; I Took The ‘Advice’ of Others and I Took On Many Different Endeavours and ‘Failed’ at ALL of Those Imposed Endeavours when Measured by Those Who Set The Impossible Endeavours then Berated Me For ‘FAILURE!!!’…then Something Wonderful Happened as I Returned to The Purity of My Childlike State; I Realised that Impossible Endeavours Don’t Really Matter and I Gave a Huge ‘Two Finger Salute’, ‘Up Yours’, ‘Middle Finger’, ‘Fuck You’, or whatever the Curse Equivalent is in Any Language and/or Culture, to ALL Those Who had Set Me Up To Fail or So I Thought in Moments of Resentful Rage about Being Sold A Lemon Being Told that “It is Non-Negotiable, ESSENTIAL!!! that You <FILL IN THE BLANK WITH THE POINTLESS OBJECTIVE, TARGET GOAL ET AL> Or Else!!!”…I Realised that ALL of My Nastiness, Rage (Red Anger Outwards Harming Others leading to Guilt, Shame & Embarrassment), Depression (Blue Anger Inwards Harming Self leading to Isolation even Suicide), Stemmed from An Imposed Set of Expectations, especially “Smashing & Destroying” ALL & Any ‘Opposition’, Obliterating The ‘Opponents’…then I Had a Further Epiphany; I AM so Much More Powerful than ALL The Deities who ARE Competing for Worship & Adulation from Sentient, Self Aware Entities such as Us by Pitting Us Against Each Other in Pointless, Soul Destroying Contests & Competitions that ‘WE HAVE TO WIN!!!’ with No Regard for ’10/10 for Effort, How About Give SomeThing Else A Go πŸ€” ?’…We Have SomeThing called ‘Free Will’; I AM NO Professional:

β™‘ Scientist
β™‘ Lawyer
β™‘ Architect
β™‘ Painter
β™‘ Accountant
β™‘ Sculptor
β™‘ Soldier
β™‘ Athelete
β™‘ Constructor
β™‘ Teacher
β™‘ Social Worker
β™‘ Politician
β™‘ Consultant
β™‘ Street Sweeper
β™‘ Administrator
β™‘ Police Person
β™‘ Celebrity
β™‘ Author
β™‘ Garbage Collector
β™‘ Priest
β™‘ Guru
β™‘ Spiritual Leader
β™‘ Cleaner
β™‘ Pilot

…or whatever Professional or Trade Name that may be Conceived, I AM Assisting Ascension in The Evolution Industry as a Voluntary Ascension Assistant; 100% of The ‘Success’ Battle is Successfully Choosing what To Do in The First Place No Matter Our Fear State or Apprehension; thus We ARE So Excited that Our State Of Mind Doesn’t Matter πŸ€“πŸ˜”πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡πŸ€— …Being Brave is a Matter of Perspective; Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Perspective that Begins with Fears & Concerns Transferred via Our Conditioned Upbringing especially from Our Parents and Other Similar Parental ‘Authority’ For Us to OverCome by Admitting, Acknowledging and Addressing Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) brought on by Our Conditioned Upbringing…Formless Fear, in Particular from Parental Anxiety Transference; I Avoid Pain if I Can yet I Know I ALWAYS Heal…so In Short I AM ALWAYS Being Brave πŸ€— …I Feel Incredibly Uncomfortable when I AM Being Told What To Do…then I Feel Incredibly Comfortable when I AM Being Shown What To Do with The Option of My Being Able to Respectfully Reject what I AM Shown; that is IS (Individual Spiritism), that is What Resonates with The Individual…So just what is the Third most ‘Successful’ act πŸ€” ? I Think that it is:

β™‘ Giving Birth πŸ™„

…Second most ‘Successful’ Act πŸ€” ? I Think that it is:

β™‘ Raising Kids 😲

…First most ‘Successful’ Act πŸ€” ? I KNOW that it is:

β™‘ Preserving A Childs Sense Of Self Worth 😎

…I AM Single and Childless; after Numerous Exes I Have Yet to Meet Her who is as Willing as I AM to Change Her:

β™‘ Thinking
β™‘ Words
β™‘ Actions

…as I Did and I Continue To Do So; I 3DLive in Hope, There is ALWAYS!!! Hope…a Really Good Point around Emotions, Thoughts, Words & Actions is that a Pure Purpose is Often Totally CORRUPTED!!! by Impure Implementation; We Often Say to Each Other:

β™‘ “I don’t know why I did that; I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry.”

…then We Repeat The Same Thing; along with the Same ‘Apology’ Ritual…this Kinda Stuff can only be Dealt With by Turning Inwards; The Process of Turning Inwards is Devastating, Desolating, Dark, Desirable, Difficult & Different for ALL of Us, these links have been Invaluable in Assisting My Turning Inwards:


…I Hope these links ARE of Assistance to Others too as Others Seek to Turn Inwards; Seek InSide & Ye Shall Find πŸ˜‡ …so just ‘What IS The Point of 3DLife πŸ€” ?’ My Experience & Understanding is that There is No Point Really Beyond Evolution & Ascension while Reproducing & Enjoying The Ride and ALL The Ride Has To Offer; Kinda Like A Cosmic Joke…a Banana Skin to Slip On or a Fair Ground to Enjoy πŸ˜‚ ; Many ‘Successful’ People ARE Feeling Hollow Right Now, Reflecting on Phyrrhic Victory πŸ˜” …if We ARE Not Enjoying what We ARE Doing NOW!!! it’s Highly Unlikely that We Will Enjoy Achievements for Any More than Brief Euphoric Moments πŸ€‘ ; Be Wary of Destination Addiction because The Universe wants to Give Us More but it is Unkind to Give Us More when Our Emotional State is Angst, Stress, Sadness, DisSatisfaction & InGratitude for what We Already Have & Hold in the stead of Gratitude & Heartfelt Appreciation…those Who ARE Living a 3DLife that Was Not Consciously Chosen Do Well to Make it a 3DLife Worth Living; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One, It Is That Time…I AM Assisting Ascension in The Evolution Industry as a Voluntary Ascension Assistant…We ALL Have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension; “John Browns body lies mouldering in the grave, John Browns body lies mouldering in the grave; John Browns body lies mouldering in the grave but his soul goes marching on…” ~ Various Anon πŸ€— …I Have Now Returned to The Purity of My Childlike State; I AM:

β™‘ Of Love
β™‘ In Joy
β™‘ At Peace

…I Hope Your Path to Rediscovering Your Own Personal, Individual, Unique Truths is Less Painful than Mine Has Been; I Will Do what I Can to Voluntarily Assist Those who Desire to Be Assisted with The Process of Evolution & Ascension, It Is Time 😏 …One of The Worst Things about Waking Up During Evolution & Ascension is Perceiving a Vagina in The Same Way Ladies Do 😣; No Wonder I Have Droopy Penis Syndrome with ALL that Empathic Transference of Disgust With Self 😊 …Pure Purpose IS The Key; yet, here in Our Shared 3DEnvironment, even Our Pure Purpose may be Implemented Impurely Filtered through Lenses of Anxiety & Anticipatory Rage (Red Anger Outwards Harming Others leading to Guilt, Shame & Embarrassment) or Depression & Archaic Sadness (Blue Anger Inwards Harming Self leading to Isolation even Suicide)…I Have Experienced both Red Rage & Blue Depression via Impure Implementation which were A Truth for Me in Those Moments and also I Contemplated Suicide; My Truth Now is that I Wish Never to Experience Red Rage or Blue Depression Ever Again…currently I Have No Intention of Exiting Our Shared 3DEnvironment via Suicide; My Truth Right Now is My Loving, Joyful, Peaceful 3DExistence and ‘3DFacts’ as I Interpret ‘3DFacts’ Bringing Me in to Disagreement with Others…I Offer Others a Similar State of Mind with The Tricky Courtesy of ‘Agree-To-Disagree’ πŸ€— ; not An Easy Call, Endeavour, UnderTaking by Any Means πŸ™„ …There is a Common Theme Amongst Any Awakener of The Many Forms & Disciplines; it is this:

β™‘ “Yes, The Task is Pointless Now, in This Moment; yet there will be Many Moments when The Understanding of The Task is Revealed in Crystal Clear Clarity.”

…I Lurrrv Pointless, Pointless is So Much FUN!!! It Is Time for Us to be ‘Successful’ in whatever way ‘Success’ is Authentically Defined by Me, MySelf, I aka OurSelves, ‘Stargazing’ ~ Kygo feat. Justin Jesso; Enjoy The Game & Play The Game to The Best of Current Capability with 10/10 for Effort πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ€— …


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