Relationships Matter – True Transformation

IS (Individual Spiritism) is based on a Simple yet Complex Premise; Love OurSelves & Think For OurSelves…IS has One Simple yet Complex Rule at The Heart of Individual Spiritism (IS), this Single Rule is Expressed in Many Different Ways; Here ARE 3 of Those Ways:
♡ ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’

♡ ‘Be True To Self’

♡ ‘Be Authentic’
…the Rest of IS is Us As Individuals Making it Up as We Go Along, Progressing Through 3DLife, Constantly Setting & Modifying Individual Rules & Regulations; a Constantly Shifting Morass of Personal B&V (Beliefs & Values) based on Our Personality & Our Personal History Referencing Our Personal Experience & Our Memory both Personal & Collective…We Like to Think of OurSelves as Creatures of Habit and that Our 3DLife Goal is to Settle Down then Drift Off in to Serene Retirement & Old Age; yet We ARE, in Actuality, Creatures of Choice & Change, Constantly Evolving even Becoming Immortal…in addition to ‘The One Rule’ IS has a number of Broad Ranging Principles that Suggest Patterns of Thought for Creating Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Rules & Regulations and These Principles ARE Constantly Added to by Our Collective Consciousness aka ALL of Us; Principles like I AM:
♡ Of Love

♡ In Joy

♡ At Peace
…We ALL Have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension; for Me Personally it’s ALL about A Process, the Nuts & Bolts of which I Do Not Understand…just as I Do Not Understand the Nuts & Bolts of Many Things but I Do Know How To Use These Things such as Technology, Toilets & Toasters; I AM:
♡ Totally Trusting of The Process

♡ Absolutely Accepting of The Process

♡ Strongly Surrendering to The Process
…I Have a Sense of Steadfast Support Of & From The Process which, To Me, is Symbiotic & Mutually Beneficial; IS has Gifted Me an Enduring Sense of Awesome Assurance in ALL My Achievements & Accomplishments (Including ‘Failure’), My Current Capacity & Ability and My Pure Potential…IS has SEEN (Spiritual Emotional Energy) Me Return to The Purity of My Childlike State and Resume Navigation of My Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension by Evolving from Carbon to Crystalline, Merging of My Light & Physical Bodies via Upgrading of My DNA & Cells and The ReActivation of My AutoImmune System; IS is Totally About The Individual…IS Group Participation, Especially where Money Exchange is involved, is a Choice not an Imposition to Listen to Droning Dogma; most folk who Embrace IS do so Quietly in Solitude by Listening then Accepting what Resonates while Respectfully Rejecting The Rest, a Soulful Thought Position than Can & Does Change Over Linear Time…IS is Accepting of ‘Negative’ & ‘Positive’; IS Seeks Balance…I Have Succeeded in Embracing My ‘Negative’ Thoughts; Fearfully Denying My ‘Negative’ Thoughts Gave My ‘Negative’ Thoughts Strength to Grow…Lovingly Confronting, Accepting & Embracing My ‘Negative’ Thoughts Transmuted, Alchemised & Transformed My ‘Negative’ Thoughts into My Strengths; I AM:
♡ Of Love

♡ In Joy

♡ At Peace
…The Most ‘Negative’ Person in My 3DLife was Me; I Got My ‘Negativity’ Under Control and now I No Longer SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) ‘Negative People’, I SEE Hurt, Damaged, Scared Children 😣 …Projection/Reflection; Accountability & Responsibility 🤗 …I AM Not Sure that 3DLife can be Clear of Chaos; I AM Sure that I Can Change The Way I Intellectually ReAct to The Emotional Responses Generated by The Chaos of 3DLife 🙄😇😏 …I AM also Cognisant of Evolutionary History so I Reckon that at Some Stage of Bodily Ascension Salt Water is ALL that is Required for Sustenance; Carbon Based Bodies Need Fresh Water, Crystalline Bodies Process Salt Water, Both Fluids and Minerals with No Sickness Symptoms…this Musing would certainly explain The Abundance of Salt Water on This Beautiful Planet of Ours named Gaia as She Quantum Leaps from 3D to 12D spanning ALL Dimensions In Between; It Is Time 🤗 …IS Adherents Advocate Management of Ego, Our Sense of Individual Worth; as Opposed to Elimination of Ego and Assimilation in to an Organised Structure such as Religion, The Military, Spiritualism, Corporates et al…IS Defines Ego as a Sense of Self Worth that can Lead to Care for Others or Destroy Others; I Will Make Sure Ego is Preserved in My Future Children, when They Arrive with The Right Mother, To Care for Others while Setting Boundaries then Gently, if necessary Aggressively, Asserting Set Boundaries rather than Crushing Their Ego Creating Depression & Rage or Leaving Ego UnManaged Creating Havoc…How does EveryOne Else Define “Ego” or is “Ego” just another word randomly thrown around to Cover Up SomeThing Too Uncomfortable to Confront 😑😐🤔 ?…Ego is very important in Differentiating between Dependent & InDependent; Co-Dependency & Co-Operation ARE very Different and IS Fosters The Independence Necessary for Us to Discern The Difference 🤗😎☺ …
We Often Look Externally for Satisfaction, I Have Returned to The Purity of Our Childlike State and Look Internally; I AM:
♡ Of Love

♡ In Joy

♡ At Peace
…External Factors can Be Taken Away; Internal Aspects Are Ours For Eternity as expressed here:
♡ Individual – Mind, Body & Soul; in Harmonious Concert Discussing Around Round Table

♡ Collective – Observer, Analyser, Recorder; Keeper of Eternal Records

♡ Us
…IS Advocates Writing (Diaries, Journals, Streams of Consciousness et al) as Effective Ways of Continuing Understanding Self as Evolution Happens; ‘Write, Write let Your Mind Think, may Your Words Never Shrink, let Every True Writer Salute Their Heartbeat; Write, Write to Hearts True Intent, Let’s Write!!!’ ~ Paraphrasing Peer Gynt in The Hall of The Mountain King 😂🤓🤗 …We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One; It Is Time…
3DLife is a Series of Events in Linear Time; as Babies Our Primary Form of Communication is Emotion then as Toddlers We Start Intellectualism:
♡ Emotional Response – Impact

♡ Intellectual ReAction – Ramifications

♡ Outcome – Lesson or Blessing
There ARE 3 Sets of Rules & Regulations; They ARE:
♡ Mine

♡ Yours

♡ Theirs
…When On My Own this is No Problem; In A Couple or A Group I Need to Reject Co-Dependency, instead Understanding The True Nature of Co-Operation 🤓🙄🤗 …IS has Contributed to My Constant Flux of Evolution & Ascension; I Hope IS (Individual Spiritism) Helps Others Too, It Is Time 😇 …

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Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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