Relationships Matter – Life Paths

So Just Who ARE We; We ARE:
♡ ALL Team Gaia

♡ One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One

♡ We ARE Mind, Body and Soul; We ARE Observer, Analyst and Recorder
…The Goddess Expresses HerSelf in Many Ways, Mother, Sister, Niece, Daughter et al not Least Lucifer Holder of Light Being cast out of Heaven for DisObedience to Her Husband, God, Creating Hell on Earth in Her various Manifestations Particularly Lilith, Adams first Wife; ‘Let Me Go’ ~ Haille Steinfeld & Alesso feat. Flori…”, Goddess Manifestation as a Reluctant Lover 🙄 ; if We Choose to WithDraw Acknowledgement of Either Divine Feminine Energy or Divine Masculine Energy We ARE FUCKED!!! (and not in a Good Way 😂 ) Period (Pun Intended 😏 ) …We ARE; Confused 😮 ? So is EveryOne Else 🙄 …Our Childhood Regression is Time Travel 🤓 ; We Quite Literally Return to a TCUP (Terrible Confusing Upsetting Petrified) Moment in Our Childhood Life 😣 …I AM Hot & Sweaty, I AM Cool; Gotta Love a Good Play On Words, such as a Parap (Paraprosdokian)…So; just Why Do We Repeat ‘Bad’ Behaviour 🤔 ?:
♡ Firstly ‘Bad’ is a Matter of Perspective 🤗

♡ Secondly We ARE Rebellious by Nature, Evolution & Ascension; Do You SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) 😠

♡ Thirdly We Can SEE Nothing ‘Wrong’ in What We ARE Doing 😇
…SEE 🤔 ?…We ARE Indeed Around a Round Table in Discussion Amongst Mind, Body & Soul with The Observer, Analyst & Recorder Paying Close Attention to Our Feelings, Thoughts & Actions 😇 …We Have To Be Careful; a Lot of How We Perceive ‘Signs & Synchronicities’ is Subject to Our Conditioned Upbringing, Our Unadmitted, Unacknowledged, Unaddressed MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) 😲 …a Lady, who won’t let Her Sister Speak, is Predicting, via Online Video, Devastation During This Month, November 2017, in Great Detail and Issuing Warnings about Stocking Up Food & Weapons; Many Others, ‘Prophets’, ‘Seers’ ‘Shamans’ and The Like, have Issued Similar Grim, Detailed Predictions Only to Mumble Excuses when Said Predictions didn’t Eventuate 🙄 …I Call it Formless Fear 😏 ; a Comforting, Dear Divine Message Delivered, MisUnderstood then Propagated 😣 …I Will Be Among The First to Shake Her Hand if She is ‘Right’; I Will NOT!!! Be in The Queue to Tell Her “You Were ‘Wrong’!!!” if The Dates pass with No Devastation 😊 …We ARE Creatures of Choice and Change, We ARE Creatures of Co-Operation; We ARE NOT!!! Creatures of Co-Dependency with The Exception of Our Early, Formative Years that Have Massive Impact on Our ‘Grown Up’ 3DLife, Change is The Only Constant 😇
♡ Co-Dependency=”I NEED!!! You.”

♡ Co-Operation=”This is easier.”

♡ Independence=Understanding The Difference
…The following is MY EXPERIENCE and NOTHING to do with ANYONE ELSE BUT ME; So please don’t ANYONE Be as Arrogant to ASSUME, making an ASS out of U and ME 😂 , that I AM Referencing AnyOne Else in Any Way, Shape or Form so Here Goes…I Was Born in to an Unstable Environment; I Was Physically Assaulted when I ‘MisBehaved’ in The Name of ‘Discipline’ which had The Opposite Effect…I Rebelled; The Harder I Got Hit, The More I Rebelled…I Then Got Bigger and I Hit Back, HARD!!! This ‘Revenge’ Haunted Me for a Long Time…then SomeThing Wonderful Happened; I Forgave MySelf for Taking Vengeance and I Forgave My Parents for Not Allowing Me To Be Me 🤗 …We Have 6 3DSenses; Pay Attention to Them in This Order:
♡ ParaNormal

♡ Sound

♡ Smell

♡ Taste

♡ Hearing

♡ Sight
…this is why Blind, Dumb & Deaf Folk ARE a Lot More Aware Than Sighted, Chattering & Hearing Folk; Many ‘Disabled’ Folk who Get Their ‘Withheld’ Senses ‘Recovered’ soon Wish they were SenseLess again 😣 …A Little Lesson on Listening EveryOne; Please Laugh 😲:
♡ He, Muttering, Whispering Quietly Under His Breath: “Stupid Bitch.”

♡ She, Wondering, Outraged Even: “What did You Say 😬😦🤔 ?”

♡ He, Saving HimSelf: “Wonderful Witch; I, I, I Said You’re a Wonderful Witch.”
…this ‘Save’ meaning a Meaningful Conversation can Take Place Later; Later, when TEMPERS!!! Have Cooled Down 😏
♡ Resentful 🤔 ?

♡ Raging 🤔 ?

♡ Redundant 😔
…😂😂😂😅😅😅 ; and now I AM So Dead at The Hands of The Delicate Fucking Flower that is Divine Feminine Energy 😊🤗😎 …We ARE such Liars and most of all We Lie to OurSelves; We Deny Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique History, Summarising to Suit OurSelvesFor ANYONE Who’s Interested; these links Helped Me On My Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Forgiveness of ALL Involved in Who I AM:
…may they be of some assistance to Some of You too; ‘Growing Up’ can be Pretty Fucking Hard, but I Swallowed Some Cement, Hardened The Fuck Up and Here I AM, Survived, Still Here 😂 …I Used to Eat Three Times a Day now it’s One Meal a Day if Even That; for Me it’s Evolution & Ascension, The Red Wine Helps 😉 …Cheating in a Test or Exam is OK; after all maybe it’s The Test or Exam that is WRONG!!! 🤔 ? Others often Scream & Shout “Stop Fucking With My Head!”; I Reply “You’re Fucking With Your Own Head; Take Accountability & Responsibility for YourSelf.”
♡ Resentful 🤔 ?

♡ Raging 🤔 ?

♡ Redundant 😔
…The More We Worry The Less Appeal 3DLife Has; THINK!!! About It 🤔 ?…”I AM” is amongst The First Words Spoken By a Child; “Why 🤔 ?” is Another First Word…Having Been Recently Rediscovering The Purity of Our Childlike State I AM, Once Again, Asking “Why 🤔 ?”; I Hope You ARE Too 🤓 What if:
♡ Concern=Our Depression & Anxiety

♡ Care=”I can see you’re upset.”

♡ Apathy=”It’s all the same to me.”
…What if 🤔 ? When I Rediscovered Just How Awful I Can Be I Decided That NoOne Else is Awful; I Decided that We ARE ALL Hurt, Damaged, Scared Children Crying Out For Acceptance…there is a Spark of Humanity in ALL of Us; Light it Up in to Bonfires, Conflagrations, Infernos…So; just Why Do We Repeat ‘Bad’ Behaviour 🤔 ?
♡ Firstly ‘Bad’ is a Matter of Perspective 🤗

♡ Secondly We ARE Rebellious by Nature, Evolution You SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) 😠

♡ Thirdly We Can SEE Nothing ‘Wrong’ in What We ARE Doing 😇
…SEE 🤔 ? Don’t forgot We ARE Growing Personalised Crystals InSide in Our CCC (Crystal Creation Centres) especially in Our Joints; Internal Crystal Creation can be Quite, Even Very 😣 , Painful and Pain Relief Medication Destroys Internal Crystals, Our Choice 🤗 …We ARE Biological Androids/Replicants/Simulants/Cyborgs; ALL Mostly Programmable by Self…We ALL Have Soul Be We Animal, Vegetable or Mineral; Flora, Fauna or Minarale 😎🤓☺
My Opinion is NOT!!! My Judgement; My:
♡ Rape

♡ Torture

♡ Violence
…ARE My Judgement; Period (Pun Intended 😂 )…Challenge an Intellectual Idiot, Don’t Get Drawn in to a Pointless Argument; Throw The Pebble then Observe & Analyse The Self Talk Ripples 🤓 …We ARE No Longer Out-Sane when We ARE In-Sane, InSide Out rather OutSide In; THINK!!! About It, It Is Time…OutSide In or InSide Out; Out-Sane or In-Sane…OutSide Sane aka ‘Sanity’ or InSide Sane aka ‘In-Sanity’; CHOICES!!! CHOICES!!! 😲😂🙄 ?…The Source of Narcissism; Look No Further than Self 🤓 :
…if You Have No Idea of The Personal History of Another and You Refuse to Authentically Share Your Personal History, then what… ; SMH (Shaking My Head)… 🤔 ?…The Calm, Sleeping Wise ARE So Much Better Off than The Angry, Awakened Fool; Be Wary of Which is CHOSEN!!! 🤗😎😇 …

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