Relationships Matter – True Transformation

When SomeThing is Hurting it is Only Ever Healing; unless We THINK!!!! OtherWise, Not So πŸ€” ?:
β™‘ Gratitude for What I Have πŸ˜€

β™‘ Appreciation for What I Had πŸ™„

β™‘ No Hankering for What I Don’t Have πŸ€—
…My Experience is that there ARE a Number of Diverse, Different Ways for Us to ‘Read’ Each Other; in My View These Things ARE:
β™‘ Vocal (Spoken Word from Thoughts in Language of Mind) πŸ€“

β™‘ Visual (Written Word, Facial Expressions & Other Language of Body) 😎

β™‘ Visceral (Astral Energy from Language of Soul) πŸ˜‡
…We Form an Initial Opinion after ‘Reading’ Another; that Initial Opinion may be Compliments, Criticisms or ‘Could Not Care Less’ and May Change Over Linear Time πŸ‘½πŸ€–πŸ‘Ύ …’Passive Aggression’ is often Maligned by ‘Fluffy Love’ Proponents; Proponents who Choose to Deny Darkness…Proponents of ‘Passive Aggression’ Recognise The Harm & Hurt caused by The Intent in ‘Active Aggression’ by Inauthentics often Being Proponents of ‘Fluffy Love’ πŸ™„ ; Having Returned to The Purity of Our Childlike State, to Authenticity, The Intention of Proponents of ‘Passive Aggression’ ARE as Pure as a Childs where No Harm or Hurt is intended…a Child only Starts Intentionally Harming & Hurting Others when They Have Been Shown How To 😣 …an Authentic will do ALL possible to Avoid Harm or Hurt; an Authentic will have worked out:
β™‘ What to Say; The Message, Feedback

β™‘ How to Say; Telepathy, Written, Vocal, Visual

β™‘ Who to Say; The Donor, The Recipient
…Once Again I Have Had a Period (Pun Intended πŸ˜‚ ) of Resting, Reflecting On and Recovering From InterActing with InAuthentics Who ARE Obsessed with The Fiscal, The Material and The Proprietary; so Now, Once SomeOne Complains about My Pure Intentions I Walk Away and Contemplate Smarter Ways of Disseminating The Energy I AM Privileged to Channel that InAuthentics Don’t Deserve Right Now πŸ€— …This Process of Energy Exchange is Lop-Sided being Energetically Draining for The Donor and Energising for The Energy Vampiric Recipient so, Consequently, Authentics are Best Served by Only Communicating with Other Authentics or Neutrals while Avoiding Inauthentics unless a Neutral is Present; after Each Process The Donor Does Well to Rest, Reflect, Recover, Relax, Reset, Remember then Repeat along with The Lessons of ‘What NOT To Do, Who NOT to Speak To & What NOT To Say’…Growth is Painful; such as Childbirth, Teething & ‘Growing Up’ Physically & Psychologically:
β™‘ Pain

β™‘ Healing

β™‘ Growth
…I AM currently Experiencing Incredibly Intense Pain & Swelling in My Joints that ARE Perceived by Medical Professionals to be Gout/Arthritis aka My Body Creating Crystals due to ‘Excessive’ Uric Acid (Carbon 5, Hydrogen 4, Nitrogen 4, Oxygen 3); I Have Chosen to Let My AutoImmune System take care of this ‘Ailment’ 😏 …it is Painful 😣 ; but then so is Childbirth…these ARE Ascension Teething Problems as My Body Evolves, Adapts & Adjusts to Transition from Carbon to Crystalline via DNA Upgrades and Cellular Transformation culminating in The Merging of My Physical Body and My Light Body; I Have Chosen NOT to take the Anti-Inflammatory equivalent of a Lumbar Puncture yet I Will Defend to The Death The Right of Others to Choose Pain Relief which I Think will Delay or even Cancel The Ascension Process πŸ€” …many Trust External Crystals for Their Well Being just as They Trust External Factors for Their Happiness; yet They Do Not Trust Internal Crystals created by Their Own Body Choosing Instead to Destroy Internal Crystals and Do Not Trust Their Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Capacity to Create Happiness for ThemSelves 😢 …so I Say to ALL, Experience to Our Hearts Content; then Repeat The PHG (Pain Healing Growth) Process along with ALL Our 3DLife Lessons Learned…Our Challenge is Having Our Mind, Body and Soul Understand Each Other, Being in Harmonious Concert Here in Our Shared 3DEnvironment; Our Challenge is to Have Mind, Body and Soul Around a Round Table Discussing Stuff with NoOne In Charge πŸ€“ …not Easy because Talking to OurSelves is Defined as Being Crazy; not Easy at ALL 😲 …

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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