Relationships Matter – True Transformation

Some Think The Soul Requires No Healing; that The Soul Simply Requires Experience, I Beg to Differ:
♡ Mind – Heals from Psychological Trauma

♡ Body – Heals from Physical Trauma

♡ Soul – Heals from Paranormal Trauma
…so just how Do We Say Sorry and Mean It; just how Do We Redeem OurSelves especially when The Other Cuts Off ALL Communication 🤔 ? Here ARE some of My Thoughts; I AM Looking Forward to seeing Feedback from You ALL:
♡ Paraphrasing Henry Ford; ‘You can have life in any colour you like as long as it’s black and if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ 🤓

♡ Battles & Wars ARE usually defined as Attack vs Defence; Battles & Wars with OueSelves ARE Challenges of Integrating ‘Negative’ & ‘Positive’…No Attack, No Defence; Just Us 😇

♡ Denying ‘Negativity’ in Pursuit of ‘Positivity’ is like Drinking Water while taking in No Minerals; Too Much of Either is Toxic 🙄

♡ Denial of Excretion, as is The Case in Some MisUnderStood Forms of Tantra, creates Stale Stagnation in Our Bodies; The Period Happens Automatically, Excretion of Stale Sperm is Voluntary 😆

♡ I Often Berate MySelf for Experiencing ‘Negative’ Emotions; I Wonder what’s Worse, The ‘Negative’ Emotions or The Berating 🤔 ?

♡ I Lack The Capacity to Tolerate Inauthentics until They Understand The Benefit of Returning to The Authenticity of The Purity of Our Childlike State; Inauthentics SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) Threats EveryWhere 😞

♡ If You wanna Continue a Conversation with a ‘Grown Up’ You Have to Follow Their Rules & Regulations; if You wanna Continue a Conversation with a Kid You Have to ‘Keep Up’ 😂

♡ I Have Decided that NoOne Else is Ever Going to ‘Look After Me’ Ever Again unless I Fully Understand what They Mean by ‘Looking After Me’ and What They Want In Return; Why 🤔 ?…because these Wonderful WOW (Words Of Wisdom) were Spoken by St Augustine, “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.”; I Have Spoken 🤗

♡ Parenting Our Parents is Our Toughest BirthRight it’s also The Most WorthWhile; ‘Advanced’ Societies Impose on Their Children, ‘Primitive’ Societies Learn from Their Children

♡ Denying ‘Negativity’ in Pursuit of ‘Positivity’ is like Drinking Water while taking in No Minerals; Too Much of Either is Toxic 😣

♡ As We Lose Our Memory We Have Enough Memory to Remember Why We ARE Losing Our Memory; My Granny is ‘Demented’…She KNOWS This; She Just is Now as She Was As a Child Just Being, Existing 😎

♡ Battles & Wars ARE usually defined as Attack vs Defence; Battles & Wars of The Self ARE Challenges of Integrating Darkness & Light…No Attack, No Defence; Just The Self Getting to Know & Manage The Self 🤗
…I Want to Share with ALL Who Care that, for Me, this is The First Time In A Long Time that There Is Only NOW for Me; No Depression (Blue Anger Inwards Harming Self; leading to Withdrawal, Isolation, Possible Suicide) or Rage (Red Anger Outwards Harming Others; leading to Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment AfterWards) (Depressingly Dwelling on The Past) and No Anxiety Inwards (Worrying Self, Causing Bodily Disease) or Outwards (Projecting Worry On Others, Creating Panic) (Anxiously Anticipating The Future)…
Let Them:
♡ Squabble

♡ Argue

♡ Fight
…They Will Find Their Way To Peace; They Will 🤗 …Most of Us Define 3DLiving with “I AM Right & You ARE Wrong”; for Me it’s Resonance Not My Conditioned Thinking, it’s Diversity & Acceptance…Many Consider Me ‘Psycho’; I AM ‘Psycho’ & Authentic I AM Not InAuthentic & ‘Sane’…’Sanity’ is a Matter of Perspective; My Madness Matters…My Opinion of You Doesn’t Matter, Bad or Good; Your Opinion of You Matters…My Approval of You Doesn’t Matter; Your Approval of You Matters…Gaia Needs Us to Remember Purity of Childlike State & Rediscover The Sanctity of Pure, Authentic Self Love; This is Not Selfish, It’s Necessary…
Intellectual Idiots, who are those of US with Plenty of Knowledge aka Stratospheric IQ (Intelligence Quotient) & Minimal Wisdom aka Basement EQ (Emotional Quotient), are those Amongst Us who Suffer Most & Mostly In Silence; if I HAVE to CHOOSE between the COMPANY of:
♡ High IQ+Low EQ


♡ Low IQ+High EQ

♡ I will ALWAYS opt for The Latter
…My Preference is High IQ+High EQ; what d’You fink? and We’ll STOP Laughing AT You when You START Laughing WITH Us…’Negative Folk’ ARE Our Mirrors; if We Care To Think Deeply about it, this ‘Negativity’ may Resonate 🤔 ?…I AM Familiar with Secrecy & Subterfuge which is How Many of Us Live Our 3DLives; What Do We Really Have to Hide, Really 🤔 ?…I Was in a Place where I Made 3DThings Happen; Didn’t Work for Me so I Quit…Now I Support Things Happening; like ALL of Us I Have a Veto 🤗 …

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Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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