Relationships Matter -True Transformation

I Used to Use Words Carelessly; I Lost a Lot of Family, Friends & Lovers; now I AM More Circumspect in The Language I Use and with Whom:
♡ Reason?

♡ Season?

♡ Lifetime?
…noone ever ‘Leaves’ Me; I AM Complete on My Own along with EveryThing & EveryOne Else 🤗 there are Many Ways to Build trust; Trust is a Perception, an Expectation…Giving is its Own Reward; yet Entitlement is a Powerful Presence…Forgiveness is Easy; We Can Walk Away After Forgiving…Rebuilding Trust is Different; Rebuilding Trust is Changing Our Expectations 😇 …I Know Billionaires who Envy My Poverty Based 3DLifeStyle & MultiDimensional Royalty; I Don’t Envy The Billionaires and Their Luxury 3DLifeStyle Here in Our Illusory, Shared 3DEnvironment…What does it Do for AnyOne to Gain Money, Materialism & ‘Power’ yet Sell Their Soul? Many Wealthy, ‘Powerful’ People Die Lonely, Miserable Deaths…I Guess it’s Horses for Courses 😎 ; Focus on a ‘Power’ Based, Luxurious 3DLife or Live in ‘Poverty’ and Assist Gaia to Quantum Leap from Our Shared 3DEnvironment to 12DExistence and Enjoy an Audacious, Awesome, Experimental, MultiDimensional Process of Ascension 🤔 ?…I Was Raised to Feel like a ‘Failure’ for Every Little ‘Failed’ Endeavour during My Abusive Upbringing due to My Imposed Attachment to Financial & Material ‘Success’ from My Conditioned Upbringing; I Have ‘Failed’ yet I AM NOT!!! a ‘Failure’, I No Longer Have An Attachment to ‘Success’, What We:
♡ Think

♡ Say (Verbally & In Writing)

♡ Do
…says So Much More about OurSelves than AnyOne Else; THINK!!! about it Peeps, Please 🤔 …now, Having Returned to The Purity of My Childlike State, I Accomplish to My Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Standards that I Do NOT!!! Impose on AnyOne Else; I Made This!!! I AM Me, MySelf, I 😏

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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