Relationships Matter – True Transformation

As far as I Understand it there are Three Stages of Ascension:
♡ Ascendee

♡ Ascendant

♡ Ascended
…an Authentic Person is Ascended; Authentics, also named Evolved USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath), have Admitted, Acknowledged & Addressed Their MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and CHOSEN!!! to Stay Here in Our Shared 3DEnvironment to Assist Gaia Quantum Leap from 3D to 12D by Assisting Neutral People…a Neutral Person is Ascendant; Neutrals, also named Empaths, are Acknowledging, Admitting & Addressing Their MMHI Being Open to Assistance from The Ascended and Willing to Bridge The Gap Between Authentics and Inauthentics…an Inauthentic Person is an Ascendee; Inauthentics, also named Psychopath, are in a State of Denial & Delusion steadfastly refusing to Accept Their MMHI let alone Admitting, Acknowledging and Addressing Their MMHI…Inauthentics Express Two Types of Anger; Rage (Red Anger Outwards Harming Others), Depression (Blue Anger Inwards Harming Self)…Authentics & Inauthentics Clash, Confront & Conflict wanting to KILL!!! Each Other because the USE temporarily takes on the traits of the Psychopath; the Neutral is not affected in this way and so makes the Perfect Peacemaker…given all of this I Have something to share from My Experience for fellow USEs; Stay:
♡ Away from Inauthentics unless a Neutral is Present

♡ Under The Radar Avoiding Adulation Addiction

♡ Strong & Serene whatever the Circumstances
…CHOOSE!!! carefully who to Share Ascension Experience with; CHOOSE!!! carefully The Mode of Disseminating Ascension Experience…some like ‘Teaching’, some like ‘Researching’, some like ‘Collaboration’, some like ‘Sermons’, some like ‘Awakening’, some like a Combination of Modes; I Guess there’s an Element of Trial & Error, that’s certainly been My Ascension Experience…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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