Relationships Matter – True Transformation

Gaia has Stated Her Aim to Quantum Leap from 3D to 12D; 3 Dimensions Up from Her Previous Aim of 3D to 9D…3% of Our Global Population has been Assessed as Being the Optimal Number for this Audacious Attempt to Succeed; that is 210 Million Ascended/Evolved People representing 7 Billion of Us of Here on Earth, a ratio of 1:33, along with ALL the Other Flora, Fauna & Minarale on Our Planet and The Rest of This 3DUniverse…I Say lets Assist Gaia in this; I Say let’s Raise Our Individual Vibrations thereby Raising Our Collective Vibration hence Raising Gaias Vibration thenceforth High Frequency Energy Rippling Out Co-Creating Our Paradise on Earth 😇 …How? Very Simply and Very Complexly by Looking After OurSelves; Looking After Our Mind, Body & Soul…but not Looking After OurSelves by Blindly following ‘Teachers’, ‘Leaders’, ‘Gurus’, ‘Experts’ et al; but by Trusting Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Judgement just like a Child Does, Accepting that which Resonates while Respectfully Rejecting The Rest…Our Children ARE ALWAYS!!! Instinctively KNOWING of those times when SomeThing is inherently ‘WRONG!!!’ but, as Kids, We ARE Dependent on Parents, The Law and Other Authority so We Conform to the Impositions of Obedience & Uniformity; ‘Grown Ups’ who Have Got Back To Rediscovering The Purity of Their Childlike State by Admitting, Acknowledging and Addressing Their MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and Confronting Their Darkness ARE not Constrained in this way so ARE Free to Diversify & Accept, Innovating & Co-Creating with Others while Thinking for ThemSelves, Returning to Knowing rather than Imposed Remembering, Recognising & Recalling…so I Say Trust Self Compulsion, Trust Choices Made by Self, Trust Decisions Taken by Self; in Summary, Trust Self 🤗


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