Relationships Matter – Life Paths

There ARE only Three Things I Own, EveryThing Else is On Loan; I AM My:
♡ Mind (Psychological Energy)

♡ Body (Physical Energy)

♡ Soul (Astral Energy)
…so, moving on to ‘Success’ & ‘Failure’; what if I SUGGESTED!!! that to Take The:
♡ Red Pill means We Are Subservient to Deities, External Creators & Other Authority?

♡ Amber Pill means We Don’t Know What’s Going On & Prefer to Remain Ignorant?

♡ Green Pill means We ARE Co-Creators & ARE Capable of Constructive Creation or Devastating Destruction?
…which is The Pill of CHOICE!!!; why Make That CHOICE!!! 🤔 ?…I AM a Creature of Choice & Change; I Adapt & Adjust According to Circumstance…Feelings Offer Common Sense; Thoughts Offer Options 😎 …Win, Lose or Draw I AM just Grateful for Being; Choosing not to Contest or Compete is a Perfectly Acceptable Option for Me 🤗 …Being is ALL I NEED!!! ‘To Do’, there is Plenty Going On at My Cellular Level especially when I AM at Rest, Reflecting & Recovering aka LAZY!!! 😒 , “Do nothing… don’t burn this out, doing nothing but ember…you got it all…” ~ Some Song by Some Singer(s), “I love you even though I don’t like you right now…” ~ Some Song by Some Singer(s), look them up Online while Considering this 🙄 ; just Being is Enough, Being Creates an Opportunity for Co-Existence, Compromise & Co-Creation…EveryThing Else is an Optional Extension of Existence, a Choice of Exerting Effort for Gain in Contest & Competition with Others; an Effort often Resulting in Phyrrhic Victories & Loss aka ‘Failure’ yet also Resulting in Authentic, Genuine Innovation & Co-Creation aka ‘Success’ & Service…10 out 10 for Effort is a very Acceptable measure of ‘Success’, given such level of Effort means that 0 out 10 for Achievement is also Acceptable, ‘Failure’ Being a Valuable Lesson according to Many ‘Successful’ People 🤗 ; to paraphrase Albert Einstein, who was a ‘poorly performing’ student 🤓 :
♡ ‘You cannot rate a fish on its capacity to climb a tree or a rate a cat on its capacity to swim.’
…please THINK!!!; please Tolerate, Understand & Accept AnyOne or AnyThing 😇 …unless The MotherFuckers Refuse to Stop Being Dumb, Destructively Destroying Deriders; then it becomes Open Slather 😠 and May The Best of Us Win 😎 …
…😂😉🤔 ; THINK!!! it’s not illegal yet ☺ …

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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