Relationships Matter – MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

Our Initial Reaction when We Get Upset is to Blame SomeOne or SomeThing Else for Making Us Upset; so it helps when We Check OurSelves before We Speak or Act when We Are Upset…Our Reactions & Responses Are Totally Certainly & Solely Our Accountability & Responsibility; yet We Remain Susceptible to Our Internal Triggers Being Pulled & Buttons Being Pushed when Confronted with Words or Behaviour that Get Us Upset ๐Ÿ˜ฃ …I Have been Blocked from a Group, Exploding Rainbows, I Think that They Are Inauthentic; do I Have a Right to Judge Them in This Way?…They simply Disagree with the way I Express Myself Authentically; so what Right do I Have to Label them Inauthentic…I Have Every Right just as They Have Every Right to Block Me; I Am prone to Irritation, Annoyance even Rage (Red Anger Outwards); also Sadness, Grief even Depression (Blue Anger Inwards)… My View is that There Are Three Important ‘Negative’ States of Being:
โ™ก Doubts – without Doubt Our Mind is Closed, Stubborn & Unflexible

โ™ก Regrets – without Regret Our Mind does not Reinforce Our Life Lessons

โ™ก Anger – without Outrage MisDeeds & Evils would Occur with Nothing Being Done to Address these Words & Acts
…Authentics Understand this; Authentics Embrace & Employ ‘Darkness’ for The Benefit of ALL ๐Ÿ˜‡ …I Was kicked out of the Group, Exploding Rainbows, because I Pulled Triggers & Pushed Buttons; is this Fair? I Don’t Know, what I Do Know is that if We Eliminate Our Triggers & Buttons it is much more difficult to Get Us Upset…what Gets Me Upset? Other People Getting Upset whether or not I Am a Factor…What I Find Most Upsetting is when others Get Upset with My Confidence in what I Am Doing; They Perceive that I Am Controlling and Persuading when The Opposite is True…I Desire that We ALL Think for OurSelves (maybe that in itself is an Ironic Form of Control; maybe some want to have Controlling & Persuading People in their 3DLives ๐Ÿค”?) I Respect the Choices & Decisions of Others so what Right Do I Have to Challenge the Path SomeOne Else has Chosen? I Think I Have Every Right if They Have Consented to Communicate with Me because I Believe in The Capacity of EveryOne to be as Confident as I Am (if I May say so MySelf ๐Ÿ˜Š); sure I Have My Doubts but Some of those Doubts are Archaic, Remnants of a Conditioned Upbringing that left Me Feeling Utterly Worthless & An Utter Failure despite My Many Towering Accomplishments…most of My Doubts these days are ALL about Keeping An Open Mind so, as was so eloquently put by a friend, “People who Criticise Us are Our Greatest Gifts of ALL” ergo Doubts Keep Our Minds Open; Regrets Reinforce Our Life Lessons…These People Point out Different Paths; These People Reinforce Our Determination or Change Our Minds…We Learn More from Those who ‘Hate’ Us than from Our Loved Ones; Keep Loved Ones Close, Keep ‘Haters’ Even Closer ๐Ÿค— …I Am very much about One Who Are Many (Diversity & Acceptance; Creativity) rather than Many Who Are One (Uniformity & Conformity; Convention) yet I SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) The Value in the Order of a Measure of Convention in Uniformity & Conformity so I Divide Our 3DEnvironment thus:
โ™ก 1. Intellectual Idiots; High IQ (Intelligence Quotient), Low EQ (Emotional Quotient), a Lot of Knowledge and Lacking Wisdom, Inauthentic, Conventional & Argumentative (Uniformity & Conformity; Convention)

โ™ก 2. Emotional Experts; High EQ, Varying IQ, Wise, Authentic, Creative & Argumentative (Diversity & Acceptance; Creativity)

โ™ก 3. Intellectual Intermediaries; High IQ, High EQ, a Lot of Knowledge, Wise, Neutral, Practical & Pacifying (Balance & Equilibrium; Diffusers)
…1&2 do not Get On without a 3 Involved they just Argue ALL The Time; the Beauty of Evolution is that We Can Be ALL Three in One Lifetime ๐Ÿ˜ …I Am Judged Unsuccessful by Many; My Marvellous Mom in Particular Thinks that She has ‘failed’ in Producing & Raising a ‘failed’ Child…no matter how much I Say I Am Content She still sees it all as a ‘failed’ Endeavour; I Wish She could see that Her Worries about ‘failure’ are not worth the Extensive Expenditure of Energy…I Feel Gratitude for where I Am; I May be Poor Financially yet I Am Rich in My Living of My 3DLife ๐Ÿ™„ …I Guess Our Challenge is The Elimination of Our Triggers & Buttons so there is no longer AnyThing To Be Pulled or Pushed; a Tough Ask yet if We Admit, Acknowledge & Address Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) We Heal ๐Ÿ™„ …The Key to Peace? Different Words, Different Perspectives, Same Serenity…The Observer Accepts; The Participant Stresses so Quit The Game as soon as Possible ๐Ÿ˜Ž …
…We Can Choose Our ReActions & Responses; We Can Choose Our Words & Actions…Clarity is a Tortoise and Assumption is a Hare; Clarity always wins ๐Ÿค— …
…There Are Two Types of Anger, Rage (Red Anger Outwards), Depression (Blue Anger Inwards); Anxiety Leading to Both Types of Anger…The Two Chief Culprits of Stoking Our Anger Are Expectation & Sense of Entitlement; Conditioning & Belief Fuel These Culprits in the almost Total Absence of Our Capacity for Tolerance & Understanding of Diversity & Acceptance…We Allow Others to Get Us Upset but that’s not to Absolve Instigators of Their Accountability & Responsibility for Their Words & Actions; We ALL Have a Perfectly Functioning Bullshit Detector from Childhood…it may have been Switched Off by a Conditioned Upbringing; if so Switch it Back On, Please ๐Ÿค—…a Womans Anger is Extraordinarily Powerful whether Inwards (Depression) or Outwards (Rage) Scaring The Shit Out of Us Men (‘Mommy Issues’ ๐Ÿ˜‚); Especially Powerful Anger when it comes to Loved Ones…which Reminds Me of an Iron Man Movie where Tony Starks partner, Pepper Potts, saves Him then turns round to Him and Camly sez “That was violent.”; Women Are Warriors; just takes a little while for The Goddess to Remember ๐Ÿ™„ …Sadly Many of Us Do Try to Impose Our Beliefs on Others & Convert Them; I Am Very Vocal yet I Endeavour To Do a Number of Things; Primarily:
โ™ก Make The Point that We ALL Have The Right to THINK!!!, The Right to Make Up Our Own Minds ๐Ÿค—

โ™ก Respect & Understand The View of Another when We Are in Disagreement ๐Ÿ˜Ž

โ™ก Communicate in as Kind, Compassionate & Caring Manner as Our Moods will Permit ๐Ÿ˜‚
…”Let’s not be hasty.” ~ Treebeard, “Not even the wise can see all ends.” ~ Gandalf; apparently we choose Our Parents…I Have Some Regret around The Parents I Chose; however I Wouldn’t Be Here Communicating with ALL of You if it wasn’t for my Parents so I Am Grateful for My Biological Progenitors…I Think We Can Be Very Quick to ‘Negative’ Judgement of ‘Poor Parenting’; yet that is an ‘Advanced’ Society View, ‘Primitive’ Society States that “We learn from our children; our children are our teachers and we are their teachers.”…’Advanced’ Society Puts so Much Pressure on Our Children so is it Any Surprise that ‘Advanced’ Society Produces ‘Poor Parents’ ๐Ÿค—? Mental Health Stigmatisation is The Single Biggest Problem in ‘advanced’ society’, just look at Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Idi Amin, Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump or Any Other Politician, Corporate Head Honcho et al ๐Ÿค”? “Pushing On…” ~ Some Song by Some Singer(s)…I Love the Group Energy from ALL of You Wonderful Humans; I Quit Team Structure after Being Bullied in a Corporate Environment, I Remain a fan of Unstructured Teams that some call ‘Tribes’…in the interim I Have Rediscovered The Purity of My Childlike State especially Unwavering Self-Belief so I Remotely Radiate Relaxation on a Constant & Consistent Basis; sure I Do Get Down sometimes, that’s when I Listen to My Mind, Body & Soul in Concert and Do WhatEver Needs Doing in order to Serve My Rest, Reflection & Recovery…”All my demons disappeared tonight, today’s not the day I die…you opened up my eyes…bring me to life…” ~ Some Song by Some Singer(s); Groups Are Important although We Cannot Be Authentic Group Members until We Understand Our Individual Spiritism (a potent combination of Psychodynamics & Spiritual Synchronicity called Transpersonal Transaction by some) ๐Ÿค— …We Can Choose to Laugh at Our Differences or Rage & Grieve about them; having been in a Different Place Previously in My 3DLife I Know what I Choose These Days ๐Ÿ˜ …

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