Relationships Matter – True Transformation

…We Co-Create Our Own Realities; We Don’t Need to Ask AnyOne Permission to do AnyThing…I Would Say that We Do Well not to Harm Another without Their Consent; Consensual Harm such as the Consent involved in a Sporting Contest that involves Extreme Physical Contact like Boxing, NFL, Rugby and so on 😏 …The Truth is We ALL have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Perspective; when We Either Agree-To-Disagree or Just Leave Each Other Alone We Are at Peace…to Paraphrase Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow, My Experience is that it is not The Polarities that Are The Problem, The Problem is Our Extreme Attitudes to Polarities…We Regularly Polarise in Our Sporting Loyalties; unfortunately sometimes it Disintegrates in to Hooliganism & Pitched Battles; fortunately most of Our Sporting Contests end in Handshakes…the same cannot be said of Messy Breakups; I Have been on the Receiving End of so much Divine Feminine Resentment it’s Really Not Funny 😣 …I Have Recently Reconciled with a Female Friend that I Fell Out with a few years ago who has a Five Year Young Boy…She has so much Resentment towards Her Sons Father and Her Mother that She is not Averse to Giving Her Son a ‘Good’ Slap from time to time and Temporarily Excluding Him from Her Life in Order to Indulge in The Temporary Satisfaction of a Lesbian Relationship, which Raised Memories of My Marvellous Mom occasionally Neglecting Us due to Her Self-Esteem Issues around My Cheating, Physically Abusive Father…My Friends Lesbian Lover Hates Her Son because He is Male; now This is Polarities taken to Extremes…I Am Heterosexual, a Polarity; some of My Best Friends are Homosexual, a Polarity where Homophobia is The Extreme…The Sweet Spot in between is Asexual; We Could also apply this Extremism Principle to Gender, Race, Religion, Culture and so on…the reason that Some of Us Get On is because We Recognise The Polarity without taking it to Extremes, We Accept Diversity; I Learned this by THINKING!!! Authentically & Honestly about Every Single Messy Breakup I Have had where She Swore NEVER!!! to Communicate with Me Again…I Am Not Bitter; I Am Merely, Moderately Polarising πŸ˜‚ …I Have found that Entering Our Observation Zone and Watching Our ‘Negativity’ is an Effective Way of Starting to Transmute, Alchemise & Transform ‘Negative’ Vibrations in to something Infinitely More Pleasant; The Key is in The Cell…it was Thrown in There when We Were Locked Up by Our Conditioned Upbringing; it’s only when We Stop Rattling The Bars and Sink to Our Knees in Despair that We See The Key and Set OurSelves Free…if You Do Not Desire The Contest, Walk Away Freely; Disengage from Discordant Vibration unless You Really Desire The Pain…if You Do Desire The Pain, please Seek Consent from The Other for The Contest; Consensual Pain is Simply an Experience, Non-Consensual Pain is an Illegal Imposition 😠 and Karma Really is a BITCH!!!, a BASTARD!!! & a Right Royal Pain in The Ass/Arse 😣 …Yes, We Are Being Challenged to Transcend 5D Evolution and Quantum Leap from 3D to 9D; after all a Major Part of Our Universe is Dark Matter just waiting to be Transmuted, Alchemised & Transformed in to Light, We Can Accelerate that Process by Accepting The Challenge…We Can ALL Assist in this Endeavour; Begin with Belief that We Can Mutate…there is Room Enough for EveryOne & EveryThing; Focus on Rediscovering Our True Self and not On Blaming Others & Their Perceived Faults πŸ˜‡ I Want to Be Here with EveryOne & EveryThing along with Gaia and Our Star, Our Sun…a Star who doesn’t seem to have a name; what is Her name, what is the name of Our Star, Our Sun πŸ™„ ?…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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