Relationships Matter – Life Paths

β™‘ I Was Conditioned by My Upbringing to Plan; as a Child I Had No Plans…I Was Given Ordered Organisation by My Parents & Other Authority; yet I Enjoyed The Chaos & Random Replication of Nature 😎 …My Past is a Place for Bliss or Lessons, My Present is a Place for My Understanding of The Now, My Future is Both Seen & Unseen; The Appointed Time is NOT!!! Linear and I Am Unable to Comprehend with Our Limited Access to Our Brains that are Gradually Reaching 100% Access πŸ€“ ; The Rest of Our Ganglia, being Our Nervous System such as Our Solar Plexus Portals Opening, are also reaching 100%:
β™‘ “There is no thing as the unknown; only the temporarily hidden.” ~ Chris Pine playing ‘James Tiberius Kirk’ in the movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’

β™‘ “We change; we have to. Otherwise we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles.” ~ Chris Pine playing ‘James Tiberius Kirk’ in the movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’

β™‘ “Better to die saving lives than to live taking lives.” ~ Chris Pine playing ‘James Tiberius’ in the movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’
…the first is almost true in My View; but without an element of “unknown” there cannot be co-creation…I Think the Ratio is 99.7% Known; 0.3% Unknown; there is a Surfeit of Dark Matter in Our Universe that We Know about waiting to be Transmuted, Alchemised & Transformed in to Light Matter…there is Opposites to Love because without the Opposites Love Cannot Continue to Exist until ALL Alchemising of Dark Matter is Completed; I Do Not Understand why it is This Way but It Is…Love Creates its Opposites in order to Survive; a Super Villain for a Super Hero πŸ™„ …Jesus didn’t Preach, He just Partied 😎 and Buddha didn’t Lead, He just Laughed πŸ˜‚ Their Nemesis was NoWhere to be Seen at Their Ascension…The Goddess is The Keeper of Love & Acceptance; The God is The Keeper of Conflict & War…The Key is Balance; Matriarch & Partriarch represent God/Goddess on Gaia…Get It Right; Please 😯…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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