Relationships Matter – True Transformation

β™‘ We ALL Have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension, We Are ALL in Different Places with Our Evolution from Carbon Based Body to Crystalline Based Body; it Remains Critical to the Carbon Based Body to Ingest Physical Nutrients here in Our 3DEnvironment as Part of The Process of Ascension…the Crystalline Based Body has No Need of Such Nutrients but can still ENJOY!!! them; the Immune System is Enough and is Nourished by Esoteric Nutrients that We Have yet to Comprehend πŸ€” with No Fear of Life & No Fear of Death just Simply Thirst for Experience…Do I Know ANY!!! of This as Scientifically Proven Fact? No I Do Not, I Can Only Speak from My Experience which is My Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward My Bodily Ascension; for Me at least, for now, The Leap Of Faith is enough a Decision that is Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Choice to make…We Are ALL Perfectly Capable of Processing to Get to a Place of Faith with that Which Resonates WithOut Scientific Evidence; in many of Us that Processing has been Forgotten, Transformed in to the Stagnation that is Variously Described as:
β™‘ Principles

β™‘ Beliefs

β™‘ Stubbornness

β™‘ Arrogance

β™‘ Mental Illness

β™‘ Being Stuck
…I Have Been Attacked, Accused of All Sorts and had Vicious Vitriol Thrown at Me for Expressing MySelf, particularly around Nutrition, Religion & Spirituality; My Initial Emotional Reaction was One of Shock & Anger 😣 …I Then Thought about it for a bit and Decided, Hurt People Hurt People and Feel Entitled to Revenge for Perceived Slights and Sadly it would appear that there is Cherry Picking of Our Words going on; I Don’t Get why there is this Determination to Attack & Destroy by Choosing Words that Support a Chosen Position then Conveniently Ignoring The Rest…so I Will Restate to ALL, I Am NOT!!! a Leader/Teacher/Guru; I Simply Share My Experience and Others Choose How They React & Respond…Sadly there is Clearly a Case of Me Being a Perceived Enemy by Some; I Am NoOnes Enemy, I Choose to Have No Enemies but for sure if I Am Being Harmed or AnyOne I Care about is Being Harmed I Will Do SomeThing about it πŸ€— …EveryOne is Entitled to do whatever they want to do; I Choose not to Harm but sometimes My Words Trigger Anger & Grief in Others…I Choose to Pay Attention to these Angry, Aggresive Responses; I May Learn SomeThing about MySelf πŸ™„ …as a Butterfly I Can Communicate with a Caterpillar in Different Ways other than Words because I Was Once a Caterpillar…I Have Not Forgotten The Pain of My Caterpillar Experience; I Do Understand that I Need to Set Boundaries and Gently, if necessary Aggressively, Assert these Boundaries…so I Mostly WordLessly Accept Angry & Depressive Words then Transmute, Alchemise & Transform Those Words into Something So Much More Calm &  Peaceful; any Words I Use Are Carefully Chosen to avoid Direct Accusation so that after The Rant is Over the Situation Calms So Much that We Can then Actually Authentically & Actively Communicate in A Respectful Acceptance of The Personal Truths of Others  πŸ˜‡ …

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