Relationships Matter – Spiritual Sex

Some Say Two Halves Make One Whole aka, IMNSHO (In My Not So Humble Opinion), an Inauthentic Relationship; I say Two Wholes Make a Third Whole, that Delicate Creature that is an Authentic Relationship…I believe that Authentic Romantic+Sexual+Spiritual Relationships are Forged in the Hearts of Twin Flames via a Process of Recognition & Reunion that Can Be quite Fractious at times due to Parental Imposition; I think Inauthentic Relationships are Entered In To & Exited From by Our Heads Bowing to Our Parental Impositions ←this Treatise contributes to the ‘Head or Heart’ Debate…We ALL Have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Vibration; if Our Vibration does not Match with Another whether Positively or Negatively it Does Not Work, ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and Suchlike Are Examples of Negative Vibration Coupling Up…Harm NoOne or NoThing; Nutrition is Not Necessary, Nutrition is a Reptilian Challenge:
…I Am a Victim/Survivor of Splits & Abandonment; what has this Taught Me? I Have Learned that I Have No Right to Rely on Another for My Health, Happiness & Well Being; I Have Learned to be Self-Sufficient…My Family has Issues; I Am both Pleased & Saddened that I Am not there to Help Them other than via Technology…I Am Grateful for My Exes; They Taught Me who I Am Incompatible with Energetically & Vibrationally…They Taught Me too How to Let Go & Move On; if We Are in Tune with Our Frequency then We Know who to have Spiritual Sex with, We Know Our Soul Mates & Twin Flame…Enjoy the Ride 😎; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One…Our Thoughts, Words & Actions Define Us; Please Endeavour to  Avoid Doing The ‘Right’ Things For The Wrong Reasons 🙄 …

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