Relationships Matter – True Transformation

…To Be in The Midst of Chaos yet At Peace; I Aspire to This Way of Being, The Silence in The Storm…
…there is a Paradox; that is The Paradox of The ‘Grown Up’ Child & The Childish ‘Grown Up’; We Are ALL Waking Up to Our Own Personal Truths, My Words Are My Own Personal Truths…’Silence is Golden’, ‘Kids Should Be Seen and Not Heard’; yet Our Desire for Conversation πŸ€” ? Balance Maybe?…”sorry is the hardest word” ~ a Song by Some Singer(s); yet ‘Sorry’ is The Foundation Upon which Reconciliation is Built…while We Are Carbon Based Nutrition is So Important; Being Crystalline Based means that No Nutrition is Required but can still be ENJOYED!!!…Seeds are an Awesome Form of Nutrition; I Particularly like Grape Seed and I Am Subsisting on Copious Draughts of Red Wine, Pure Energy πŸ˜€…Music is Mathematics; Mathematicians Are The Chief Architects of Our Multiverse…We Also Need ‘Creatives’; Our ‘Creatives’ Are The Chief Architects of Our Emotions with Prose, Poetry, Painting , Sculpture and Suchlike…We Need the ‘Suits’, ‘Fashionistas’ ‘Couriers,’ Hospitality’, ‘Factories’ ‘Constructors’ ‘Celebrities’ & ‘Tradies’ and ALL Others too; ‘Suits’ Are Not My Thing AnyMore but I Can SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) The Good in Incorruptible Corporations & Government…it’s Weird but I Am Composing a Song right now; yet I Do Not Label MySelf a Musician…there is something happening; something wonderful…Be Prepared for AnyThing; Expect The Unexpected 😎 …there is a Reason for the Reptilian Replication that is Our Government, Corporations & 3DConsumerism; Our Challenge is to Get Past That…an Echo is an Awesome Example of Our 3DLife Reflecting ItSelf; We Get Out what We Put In 😊 …We Snap Occasionally; if We Are an Angel of Death We Murder or Maim in The Interests of The Whole…then We Get to Explain Our Actions to a Prison Psych; I Do Not Condone Harm to AnyOne or AnyThing yet I Will Defend MySelf to My Death…want a Label; How About Empathic Ascension Assistant πŸ˜‡?…Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and The One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One Constantly Remind Us of The Gifts that Are Immortality, Healing & Resurrection…I Remember this; may You ALL Remember it too 😘 …

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