Relationships Matter – Life Paths

The Teacher is The Student is The Teacher is The Student is The Teacher is The Student; Ergo there Are No Masters or Gurus; only Mutual Ascension Assistants who may Switch Positions like a Pair of Feet; The Foot Ahead has No Arrogance and The Foot Behind has No Shame because both Know that The Situation Will Change:
♡ ‘One Love’ ~ Bob Marley

♡ ‘Rainy Day’ ~ Coldplay

♡ ‘Impossible Dream’ ~ Alphaville
…We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One; this means The Power of Diversity & Acceptance rather than The Oppression of Conformity & Uniformity…that said, there is A Reason for the Reptilian Replication that is Our 3DConsumerism, Corporate Citizenry and Governmental Oversight; Our Challenge is to Get Past ALL of That…Extreme Conformity & Uniformity results in the Stagnation of The Same Goals & Targets Being Achieved along with the Emptiness of a Phyrrhic Victory; Diversity & Acceptance results in Innovation & Co-Creation Bringing Us a Sense of Accomplishment, Balance Being The Key:
♡ Alone & Enjoying OurSelves In Our Own Company


♡ Lonely & Miserable In The Company Of Incompatibles

♡ We CHOOSE Peeps
…The Company We Keep Is An Integral Part Of Who We Are At That Stage Of Our Life & It Can Take Years, Even Decades, To Shed Such Influence; Quite Often Prompting Us To Erroneously Claim We’ve ‘Moved On’…the USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) has Difficulty Moving On from a Completed Assignment Due To OverCare (Care Taking Behaviour That Eventuates In Resentment & Bitterness), and, So, is Vulnerable to Being Used by Narcissists (Inauthentics) in a Toxic & Unhealthy Fashion; as a USE I have Rediscovered The Importance Of Listening to ALL Three Of My Aspects:
♡ Soul

♡ Body

♡ Mind
…in that order; I Am, now, Much More Comfortable with Disengagement…We Are ALL Waking Up to Our 3DNoSense; isn’t that Great?…Eating Living Entities, Flora or Fauna, is Compost for Our Physical Body; an Exchange of MultiDimensional Codes…3DLife is a Comedy, The Cosmic Joke; Laugh Heartily & Enjoy The Ride!!!…Transmute, Alchemise & Transform the Illusion of ‘Negativity’ in to the Illusion of ‘Positivity’; it is that Simple yet that Complex 😶 …there is So Much Sadness & Anger yet it is Part of a Process that is Gazillions of Years Young; Patience is indeed a Virtue as We Will ALL Get It Eventually 😏 …

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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