Relationships Matter – Life Paths

When I Think about My 3DLife Purpose, Living My Dream, I Ask MySelf “What is My Dream; What is Important to Me?” is it:
♡ Family?

♡ Friends?

♡ Money, Power & Investments?

♡ Corporate Career or My Own Business?

♡ Creativity; Arts, Crafts & Writing?

♡ Popularity, Celebrity & Fame?
…once I Authentically Understand My 3DLife Purpose, My Dream 3DLife, I Pursue it with a Burning Passion; I Do Listen to what Others have to Say and I Accept what Resonates with Me while Graciously Rejecting The Rest…there is nothing inherently wrong with Money and a Desire to be Financially Secure, The Root Evil is Greed & Avarice; a True Friend will always Let Us Know if We Have Succumbed to The Sickness & Madness of Monetary Greed & Excessive Materialism and, indeed, a Desire for Dictatorial Power…there is Nothing Inherently Wrong with the Dark Side; it is How We Use Our Free Will to Act On Our Darkness that is The Problem, phrases such as:
♡ “I Lost Control.”

♡ “For The Greater Good.”

♡ “You Brought This Upon Yourself.”
…and such like Excuses just Don’t Cut It; Especially if The Reactions & Responses are Repeated Behaviour that Harm Self & Others…Every Problem has an Origin, The Root of The Problem; if We Are Distracted from Dealing with These Origins, These Roots, then The Problem will Remain in Various Forms of Them vs Us…this applies as much to The Individual as it does to ‘Modern’ Societal Systems; a ‘Civilisation’ built on Conquest, Exploitation & Oppression is the Mother of all Contradictions in Terms…sometimes when We Are on Our Path We Berate OurSelves for Our Perceived Failures; this means We Are More Likely to Berate Others for The Failures We Perceive in Them…If We Choose NOT to Beat Up on OurSelves and To Be Kind to OurSelves then The Flow On Effect is that We Don’t Beat Up on AnyOne Else and We Are Constantly Kind to Others; which means Being Kind to Humans, Kind to Animals, Kind to Nature, Kind to EveryOne & EveryThing during Our 3DExperience…if  We Love OurSelves Purely We will Love EveryOne & EveryThing Else in Our 3DEnvironment and We Will Be Loved; so, how about Let’s Be Good, Kind & Gentle to OurSelves, all of these things Being things We Deserve Just for Being?…I Am 3DLiving My Life Purpose and Supporting Others in the Diverse Variety of Their Own Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension during this 3DExistence while I Am Traversing Mine; it was Pretty Tough at first as I Am Impoverished but once I Rid MySelf of My Conditioned, Preconceived Notions from Upbringing about The Inflated Importance of Money, Materialism & Physical Presence I Realised I Am Living My Dream Life…

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