Relationships Matter – True Transformation

♡ WARNING!!! This Post is Very, Very, Very Long
The Choices We Make are Largely Influenced by Our Attitudes; Our Attitudes also contribute to Our Capacity for Rediscovery of Our Childlike State:
♡ Some of Our Attitudes Are Conditioned by Our Upbringing & Other Environmental Factors; these Attitudes Are Often Unconscious

♡ Some of Our Attitudes Are Our Own; Attitudes that are Innate From Our Birth or Accepted by Us from Our Upbringing & Other Environmental Factors; these Attitudes Are Mostly Conscious

♡ Our Challenge is to Differentiate between The Two Types of Attitude during The Duality of Our 3DExistence
…it is only when We Make Choices based on Our Own Attitudes that We Are Peaceful in Every Moment regardless of Our Emotional State, Emotional States which Will Pass; when We Make Choices based on Our Conditioned Attitudes We Are Happy in The Moment We Make That Choice then We Are Miserable in The Latter Moments as We Feel Regret, Resentment & Remorse followed by Guilt, Shame & Embarrassment…there is a Whole Heap of Stuff Going On Inside of Us and it is an Honourable and Necessary Option to Embrace & Expose It; it is also Necessary to Appreciate that Some of Us (Evolved, Ultra Sensitive Empaths (USEs)) may Genuinely & Authentically Have Our Best Interests at Heart…Some of Us Evolved USEs May Hurt Others without Meaning To; How Many of Us Evolved USEs can Honestly say to OurSelves that We Have NEVER!!!, However Inadvertently, Hurt Another? Redemption is a Wonderful Thing; Don’t Ya THINK!!!? Sure, The Others Reaction & Response is Their Accountability & Responsibility; yet We Remain The Stimulus…I Often Feel Unkind For Being Totally Honest & Authentic; Then I Think About The Alternative:
♡ Snarling At Loved Ones, Acquaintances & Strangers Without Explaining Why

♡ Self Loathing/Blaming Others

♡ Staying Engaged In Toxic Dynamics; Arguing ALL The Time
…I Think I’ll Stick With My Childlike Honesty & Authenticity because We ALL Have A Point of View; We Are ALL In This Together, We Need No Common Ground, that is A Given because We Are More Alike than Different, We Do Need Deep Understanding of Our Diversity & Individually…I Didn’t Like It very much when SomeOne said to Me that Others Love Me for what I Love in MySelf and Hate Me for what I Hate in MySelf; when I Finally Got It and just Loved ALL of MySelf I No Longer had Any Haters apart from Archaic Exes and Former Friends who Chose to make The Decision Not to Reconcile with Me for Reasons of Their Own and I Have Forgiven Them ALL…for a Variety of Reasons We Build Our Own Cages, Our Own Prisons and Lock OurSelves in then drop The Key on the floor…it is Only when Our 3DLife Brings Us to Our Knees that We Rediscover The Key and Set OurSelves Free; Our Mind (Ego) is an Awful Prison and a Wonderful Liberator…I Sit in many bars and pubs enjoying the 3D Sensations of Eating & Drinking; all the while Knowing that I Can survive without Eating for quite some time, We Are Mostly Water after all…We Have Amazing Bodies; Be Grateful for Them, whatever the Shape or Size…there is a Whole Gamut of Our Human Duality Constructs Here in Our 3DEnvironment like Right & Wrong, Pure & Evil, Fat & Thin, Good & Bad, Beautiful & Ugly, Forgiving & Unforgiving and so on; when will I ‘Know’ I Have Acheived SomeThing like Reaching a Level of Mastery? only when a Fellow Human Being Determines that I Have Done So…so I Choose to Trust SomeThing My Mind (Ego) cannot Examine, Measure or Comprehend; I Choose to Trust in My Innate, Often Illogical, Acceptance of My Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse…I Don’t THINK!!! that Time is Linear; so, wherever I Am Heading I Am Already There with The Past, Present & Future ALL Comfortably Co-Existing in This Moment…The Now is The Most Important and There Are Many Nows; Respecting The Past & Thoughtfully Anticipating The Future will Make for Comfortable Choices and ALL The Future Nows will be Peaceful…I Think We ALL Live Our 3DLives with a MultiDimensional Aspect; Our Waking State is Primarily about Experiencing Our 3DState…Our Sleeping, Orgasmic, Rapture & Such Like States Give Us Acces to The Other Dimensions; La Petite Mort, The Little Death, is what The French call these States of MultiDimensional Being…We Wonder about these Various States; then We Make 3Dimensional Choices about Who to Share Our 3DLife Journey with…We Eventually reach 3DDeath or Bodily Ascension; Bodily Ascension is not about ‘Levels of Mastery’, Bodily Ascension, Simply & Complexly, Just Is and We ALL have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Path to Traverse toward Bodily Ascension…Our Path Cannot be Compared to AnyOne Elses; yet, Paradoxically, Pieces of Our Ascension Puzzle are often in Our Impermanent Associations with Others and, sometimes, in Our Competing with Them…Through Painful Experience I Have found that Gracefully Letting Go Works for Me; so, Now, People & Things Come In To and Out Of My 3DExistence like a Cosmic Dance…Twin Flames being The Exception; Twin Flames Are Permanent…aspects of Ascension seem to be a number of things; key among which are:
♡ Upgrading of Our DNA

♡ Transition from Carbon Based to Crystalline Based

♡ Merging of Our Light Body with Our Physical Body
…during this time We May Feel Less Inclined to Interact with Others due to Stuff coming up for Healing; if We Feel that We May impact adversely on Others it’s perfectly OK to Politely Take Our Leave and Spend Time Alone until The Mood Passes because The Mood Will Pass…We Do Lose SomeThing when Being Generous, yet We Gain a Whole Lot More for OurSelves and Collectively for Gaia; so how about We Rediscover Our Childlike Quality of Letting Go, Giving with No Thought of Return? it’s Worth It…Mind (Ego) is a Powerful Ally or a Deadly Enemy; Why is This So? Conditioning from Upbringing maybe? I Do not Remember…Bear in Mind (Ego) that We Can Quiet The Mind (Ego); We Can also Stimulate The Mind (Ego)…Our Ego Emerges when We Are Toddlers and Immediately We Fall In Love with Our Ego; Among the First Words Our Ego Utters is “Why?”…Our Parents then Do One of Two Things; They either Nuture Our Ego to its Designed Potential or They Crush Our Ego…a Crushed Ego can become Psychopathic, Harming Self and/or Others; a Nutured Ego is Thoughtful, Caring & Creative desiring To Be of Service to Self & Others…The Impact on Our Relationships of A Crushed Ego vs A Nurtured Ego would Appear To Be Clear; only An Ego In Denial would be unable to Get This Simple yet Complex Universal Truth…Ego Never Dies Alone; Ego Exists as long as We Exist in Our 3DBodies Here in Our 3DExistence…We Cannot make CHOICES & DECISIONS without Our Ego; Ego is, fundamentally, Who We Are in Our 3DEnvironment, Our Challenge is to Reconcile Our Ego with The Ego of Others…from Our Early Childhood Our Thoughts Generate Emotion whereas previously, as Babies & Toddlers, Emotion Flowed without Thought; We Cannot Control how We Feel, We Can Control How We THINK!!!…Our Past is Already Built, Our Present Can Build On or Demolish Aspects of Our Past, Our Future Depends on The 3DLife Construction Decisions We Make Now; I Don’t Run Away from My Past but I Don’t Dwell on My Past either, I Learn from My Past…My Past is Here in My Present, My Memories Come & Go, and My Past informs My Future Decisions & Choices; We CHOOSE!!! I Used to Buy In to the Idea that The System was Unfair & Failing Me until I Realised that ‘Systems’ require Two Essentials being Two Opponents or Rivals; Supporters of The System vs Opposers of The System…that’s when I Started Letting Go of Any Belief in The System at all, whether For or Against; that’s when I Started to Believe in MySelf again, like I Did as a Child…so, how about, Let Us Be Accountable & Responsible for Our Decisions & CHOICES!!! because when We Look a Little Closer We SEE (Spiritual Emotional Energy) Clearly; show Some Respect to YourSelf:
♡ You Say “You Have Hurt Me!!!”

♡ I Say “Search For The Originating Pain?”

♡ We Hug
…The End…
♡ “You might THINK!!! that I Have Hurt Your Feelings; yet I Am Only The Stimulus…Search Your Feelings for The Original Source of Your Pain, Being Any Unresolved MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) You May Have…Evolved Empaths Rock to The Max!!!” ~ Any Evolved, Ultra Sensitive Empath (USE)
…quite often The End of a Sexual /Romantic or Friendship is Quite Acrimonious; so Why do We Fall Out with Little to No Hope of Reconciliation? perhaps:
♡ A Psychological Incompatibility

♡ A Vibrational Mismatch

♡ A Moving On to Our Twin Flame
…an Experience that Ends Creates Space and Paves The Way for New Experience; Graciously Letting Go is The Key to Healing from a Traumatic Experience…the Relationships I Have with My Acquaintances & The Businesses I Frequent Give Me Joy & Peace just as I Expect; I Only Experience Pain in My Relationships when Intimacy Deepens and I Am Perceived as Expecting Too Much or I Perceive The Other is Expecting Too Much…I Now Manage My Expectations; I Have Rediscovered How to Accept what Can & Cannot Be Given to Me by Others and what I Can & Cannot Give to Others…I Love that We Can Heal; I Love even more that We Can Avoid Hurtful Situations…it took Me a while to Figure This One Out; We ALL Have Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Way of Approaching AnyOne or AnyThing…

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