Relationships Matter – True Transformation

We Are ALL Innate Empaths; in Most of Us that Quality is Inert, waiting to be Stirred & Woken Up, and Some of Us Are Already Woken Up, Being Evolved Empaths (either from Birth or via Some Sort of Painful Path Finding in This 3DLife)…as an Evolved Empath We May Be Tempted to Constantly Be A Rock for Others; if so We Don’t want to be A Rock for Too Long…We Are ALL Mostly Water and Water Erodes Rock; so I Say Aspire to Alchemise, Transmute & Transform from a Rock in to Water…NOTHING!!! Destroys Water; Water Simply Changes its Form to Ice, Steam & Liquid…I Say generally treat Others as if We Are Water in a Liquid State, Go With The Flow; if SomeOne generates Too Much Heat then Become Steam and Drift Away…if that’s not possible ‘cos They Are Family or Close Friends then Harden The Fuck Up in to Ice; that Will do The Trick…Evolved Empaths can Help Others in Moving from FEAR!!! to Calm; We Have FEAR!!! of:
♡ Dying of Thirst or Starvation; so We Drink & Eat

♡ Being Killed or Maimed; so We Defend OurSelves

♡ Losing Our Jobs; so We Suck Up to Our Bosses

♡ Going to Prison; so We Either Abide by The Law or Are Smart Enough to Get Away with Breaking The Law

♡ Losing Our Partner; so We Fawn or Force

♡ Dying of Mortality; so We Reproduce
…Paints a Pretty Bleak Picture right? that’s because it is The Picture We Make with Our Minds…Prayer, Meditation & Sleep are Some of The Ways We Make Different Pictures with Our Mind; call it Faith, Love, Hope, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness or whatever Other Term that Sits Well in The Mind, it Changes Our Perspective…so Quite Simply & Complexly a Change of Perspective is ALL that is Required to Alter Our 3DReality; Pretty Awesome Don’t Ya Think? and this from SupaSoulSis Marcelle Ma Ra Sol:
♡ “to truly be able to help another, being able to indentify that which goes unspoken helps the person feel a true connection with you, allowing someone to speak from the soul to facilitate trust and faith in their own ability to heal without relying on another person.”
…Evolved Empaths Are Sensitive to The Sensibilities of Others, particularly Vulnerable Groups like Cultural, Racial & Gender Minorities, The Disabled & Disfigured, The Elderly and, Especially, Our Children; Our Childhood impacts upon Our 3DLives in Ways We Deny yet an Evolved Empath Will Pick Up on Residual Childhood Trauma in AnyOne…We Don’t Know if Our Lives would have been Better if We Had Made Different Decisions; ALL We Know is that We Are Where We Are Now…The Truth is that Our Lives May Have Been WORSE!!! if We Had Made Different Decisions; now That’s SomeThing Worth THINKING!!! about, We Are Here to Find a Way to Enjoy the Ride…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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