Relationships Matter – Life Paths

I have been blocked numerous times for allegedly disseminating ‘Negative’ Energy; if We ask:
♡ Batteries

♡ Electricity

♡ Magnetism
…if They can Operate WithOut ‘Negative’, The Answer will ALWAYS Be NO!!! aka in ‘The Negative’; Same Goes for Non-Digital, Chromatic Photography that requires a Negative Image before producing a Positive Image…
♡ What if 99.7% of Our 3DLife is Certain & Predictable aka ‘Positive’; in other words if We Know what’s coming We can Prepare for it and Plan Actions?

♡ What if 0.3% of Our 3DLife is UnCertain & UnPredictable aka ‘Negative”; in other words if We Don’t Know what’s coming it Scares Us and We Don’t Know What To Do?

♡ Ergo, is ‘Negativity’ The Cradle of Creation or The Herald of Doom?
…hmmm, Gets Me THINKING!!!; Does it Get You THINKING!!! too?…the most dangerous Threat to Our Contented 3DExistence is The Conflict between what We Were Brought Up To Do and what We Are Born To Do; so, now, let Us consider some words and their importance or lack of importance in Our Lives:
♡ “Struggle” – Unimportant; Our Faith in OurSelves or some External Power sees Us Through

♡ “Gratitude” – Important; We must be Grateful for the Silver Linings on Our Clouds of Despair & Drudgery as well as The Obvious Benefits of No Clouds at all

♡ “Money” – Unimportant; We have chosen to 3DLive in a Society dominated by Money so We must Accept that Some Money is required for Our Sustenance (Food), Shelter (Home), Society (Company)…Too Much Money, however, may become a Major Problem for Us; Rich with MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) or Poor with Peace of Mind? We CHOOSE!!! peeps

♡ “Acceptance” – Important; without Our Willingness to Accept that all is Unfolding in Divine Order, especially The Unexpected, We Are Doomed to a 3DLife of Moping & Misery

♡ “Materialism” – Unimportant; Material Things are simply tools to Assist & Entertain Us on Our Journey through Our 3DLives, the hoarding of these tools has its benefits as We never know when We may need something that We choose to Hold On To…that said We must also be willing to Let Go of these Material Things; We cannot take These Things with Us when We die

♡ “Love” – Important – During Our 3DLives if We Understand that everything is either an Act of Love or a Demand for Love We Truly Understand that ALL is Love, that ALL is in Divine Order and We Are At Peace; this Divine Tenet is a Universal Truth no matter how terrible things may Seem or how Heinous The Acts of Others may Appear
…My Divorce taught Me many Lessons; especially this one:
♡ If We navigate 3DLife in Search of PayBack for all that We Do for Others then We Are Lost; a Life Lived Giving without Thought of Return is a Life Worth Living and We Are Found
…when We Forgive We Let Go of Our Rage, a Rage born of a Sense of Entitlement brought on by Our Upbringing, Media and Authority; We Begin this Forgiveness Process by Firstly Forgiving OurSelves for Being So Angry…then We Forgive Others for The Slights that We Perceived that They Committed against Us, whether Consciously or Unconsciously; this is a Forgiveness We Offer & Give Freely whether or not We Are in The Physical 3DPresence of The Forgiven or not…Energy knows No Bounds; The Forgiven KNOWS!!! when They Are Forgiven by The Forgiver…

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Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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