Relationships Matter – True Transformation

​Some Random Pearls of Questionable MultiDimensional Wisdom:
A TRAP!!! Many of Us Authentics FALL In To is THINKING!!! that We can 3DCareTake An Inauthentic when the 3DReality is Only a Fellow Inauthentic or Neutral can 3DComfortably 3DCareTake an Inauthentic; if We Authentics are to be 3DComfortable We HAVE to Avoid Inauthentics until They Are Ready, in the MeanTime Neutrals 3DCareTake Inauthentics ♡♡♡…
A Key Factor in My Ascension to My 5DAwareness of Our 3DEnvironment was My Willingness to De-Stigmatise My THINKING!!! about Mental Health; Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) brought on by The Traumas of My Upbringing has been KEY to My Ascension…We’re ALL One, ALL Together in This; just Experiencing Different Places…
♡ ‘Driving Around’ ~ Mr. 305 Feat. Pitbull, David Rush & Vein

♡ David Helfgott & His Second Wife

♡ ‘High On Your Love’ ~ Sharon Doorson
…some say This World is done and due for demise to make why for Another Endeavour; I KNOW This World WILL Continue:
♡ Because of Folk Like Me
…Folk Like Me CHOOSE to Stay & Share; this In Spite of EARNING Our Inalienable Right to Honourably Quit Our Current 3DEnvironment by Ascending to 5DAwareness of Our 3DEnvironment…
While it IS Possible to Directly Ascend from Our 3DAwareness to Our 5DAwareness it’s NOT recommended; this is due to the 3DDiscomfort factors associated with Ascension such as:
♡ Sweats – Ascension Generates A Lot of Heat Energy

♡ Headaches – Primarily A Consequence of The Reconfiguring of Our Neural Pathways

♡ Violent Solar Plexus Activity as Portals in Our Solar Plexus re-open – Commonly called Dry-Retching
…additionally those of Us who persist in 3DCharging instead of 4DSharing of Our 5DGifts will find it impossible to Ascend to 5DAwareness until We CHOOSE to Share Our 5DGifts Letting Go of Our 3DNotion that We are ENTITLED to charge for Our 5DGifts that were Designed to be Shared; sooo here’s a summary of the Ascension Path I CHOSE:
♡ 3DLiving – Preoccupation with Self a Direct Consequence of My Misguided Upbringing resulting in MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

♡ 4DLife – Service to Others via Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing My MMHI thus LIBERATING MySelf to FREELY SHARE My 5DGifts

♡ 5DAwareness – Conscious of An Abscence of Attachment, 5DGifts Responsiveness, Authenticity and True Transformation as I Rediscovered My Childlike State aka The Real Me, a USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath)
…I hope there has been something in here for ALL of Us and ALWAYS remember We have Free Will, it’s Our CHOICE; Much Love To ALL…
I Believe that there is No Source As Defined by The OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry); I Believe that, As One, We Are Source and Have Simply Forgotten How To Communicate With That Part Of Us…instead We Tend To Communicate, almost exclusively, with Our Conditioned Brain; We can Rediscover Our Personal Source by Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing The Trauma Of Our Upbringing and Our Subsequent MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) In Addition To Continuing On Our Own Personal Spiritual Journey To Our Own Unique State Of Individual Spiritism (IS)…I guess what this means is that perhaps we have misunderstood our 3D DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence); perhaps The Purpose of 3D DMEE is to Express Individuality rather than The Attempted Imposition Of Bringing All Together As One…This Attempted Imposition Of Uniformity & Certainty is at The Heart Of ALL Conflict and The Cause Of Many Wars, even when This Imposition Is Begun With The Best Of Intentions; Our Irritation & Annoyance Often Begins When We Are Ignored Or Feel We Are Not Being Listened To…
So just what do We THINK!!! The OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry) is talking about when They:
♡ Blame Ego?

♡ Explain Enlightenment?

♡ Insist It’s Just An Illusion?
I didn’t know My Answers to these questions until a Then Best Friend lent me a bunch of OSI Books which I read with great interest while THINKING!!! for MySelf then Extracting My Own Truth; I Fed My Truths back to her and she decided that Feedback Made Us Former Friends ‘cos I disagreed with her over summat she’d spent a great deal of money on and invested a lot of time in…My View is that Vague Terms like the above are Designed to be Deliberately Vague in order to Con & Fleece the Spiritually Weak & Vulnerable, especially the Wealthy Ones like:
♡ Maddona

♡ Tom Cruise

♡ My Rich Former Friend who often blames others for being a “Drag on Her Energy” & “Lowering Her Vibration”
…SomeThing WonderFul Happened FOR Me a while ago that demonstrates to me that understanding Ego, Enlightenment & Illusion does not require Extravagant Expenditure on Books, Audio/Visual Media, Seminars & The Like (So Many More Fun Things To Do With Money); to be understood, these things simply need us to Observe OurSelves, Observe Information & Experience then Extract Our Own Truth by THINKING!!!…now, here’s The Rub; We Do & Say things that Get Us feeling:
♡ Angry & Ashamed

♡ Conflicted & Confused

♡ Guilty & Embarrassed
…then we Deny & Justify these ‘Negative Feelings’, (Blaming Other People, Events & Things rather than Taking Our Own Personal Accountability & Responsibility) ‘cos we Cannot Bear The Thought that there is even A Hint of a ‘Bad Person’ looking back at us from Our Life Mirror; I CHOSE to look My ‘Bad Person’ from My Life Mirror In The Eye and discovered an interesting thing which is that I have a LOWER:
♡ Frequency

♡ Ego/Self

♡ Vibration
…and I have a HIGHER:
♡ Frequency

♡ Ego/Self

♡ Vibration
…I also discovered My “LOWER” is My Head with it’s Psychological Conditioning from Upbringing including My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and My “HIGHER” is My Heart (Strictly Speaking Solar Plexus aka The Sun In The Stomach); like The Sun Our Solar Plexus is constantly exploding, sometimes quite violently like Solar Flares & Solar Wind, generating:
♡ Emotions like Anger/Calm, Hate/LOVE!!! et al

♡ Heat

♡ Light
…Our Solar Plexus is Directly connected to Our Brain via Our Spinal Cord and when these connections become POLLUTED by Our Upbringing We Live Our Lives Primarily from Our “LOWER” aka 3DHead; when We Surrender to Our “HIGHER” aka 4DHeart (Our Sun In Our Stomach) Gradually PURIFIES these POLLUTED connections (By No Means A Comfortable Process) Restoring them to Crystal Clear Clarity thereby Giving Us Back Our Access to:
♡ Source

♡ Universal Database

♡ Soul Urge

♡ Recklessness!!!

♡ Instinct

♡ Gut Feeling
…whatever We Wanna call it, We Are Beings Of Light and ALL Perfectly Capable of Re-Integrating Our Darkness instead of Denying it; this Restoration Process Completed FOR Me a while ago after 9 years post separation followed by divorce, joblessness, homelessness then RECOVERY with the Invaluable, Very Concerned, Unconditional (Though Sometimes A Little ScaredAngry), Freely Offered Support I Received With Eternal Gratitude, and I’ve virtually ELIMINATED The Issues of My Upbringing…I’ve Restored the Crystal Clear Communication between My Lower Self (Head, Ego, Brain) & Higher Self (Heart, Soul, Solar Plexus); The OSI Clearly seems to hold The View that Requires us to Pay Them Handsomely to get ALL of the Freely Shared Views above, Hmmm? I guess the OSI must be Driven by Their LowerEgo, I’ve CHOSEN to be Driven by My Higher Ego; what do You CHOOSE?…
Those of us who Are:
♡ 3DFolk are Inauthentic – Unaware & Asleep

♡ 4DFolk are Neutral – Unware & Awake

♡ 5DFolk are Authentic – Aware & Awake
…there are 3DFolk who believe that they are 5DFolk and these 3DFolk, in their Unware, Sleeping State of Ignorance, charge for their 5DGifts; 4D&5DFolk do not charge for their 5DGifts…

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