Relationships Matter – Spiritual Sex


♡ I Am A 3DLife Balance Advisor; My Experience & Belief is that:

…We Cease Convenient Dating; then We Look to Our Friendship, Acquaintance & Professional Circles et al ‘cos Our Spouse is Our Best Friend and that Friendship is Felt NOT!!! Measured ‘cos We Fight like Dog & Cat…We, and Only We, Are Accountable & Responsible for Our Decisions & Choices; to Find Fault With & Blame Another for The Decisions & Choices We Make is One of The Dumbest, Meanest Things We EVER!!! Do…I Believe that Dating AFTER Marriage is one of the Sexiest Interactions EVER!!! and More Convenient, Reliable & Satisfying than Dating BEFORE Marriage; My View is that there Are Three Primary Keys to a Successful Sexual/Romantic Relationship, whether it Endures or Ends, These Primary Keys Being:

♡ Psychological Serenity
♡ Spiritual Synchronicity
♡ Smelly, Sexual Compatibility

…One of The Biggest Myths about Marriage is that it is entirely a Bed of Rose Heads; We Conveniently ‘Forget’ about The Thorns which can ALL be Eventually Eliminated in a Steady, Convenient Manner…these days WFC (Worst First Courting) is where it’s at for Me; I Will NOT!!! have sex with Another until at least Three Significant Fights & Reconciliation…We Are Conditioned by Our Upbringing to Believe that Sexual Activity involving more than One is SomeThing Done by One to Another; The Classic Submissive/Dominant Dynamic…there is a Double Standard adopted by many of Us regarding Our Sexual Activity; We have Our Private Persona that sez “I Am a Sexual Beast Unleashed!!!” and Our Public Persona that sez “I must Show Sexual Restraint.”…given the Numerous Sexual Encounters I Have had I Now know I Was Sexually Educated & Conditioned with One Heck of a Lot of Patriarchal, Manipulating, Controlling BullShit; ‘Power & Sex’ by Scilla Elworthy is Well Worth a Read…’Power & Sex’ explores, both Historically & Contemporarily, the Nature of Sexual Subjugation; in the context of Politics & Organisations ‘Power & Sex’ relates the Extreme Swings of Sexual Domination between Divine Feminine Energy & Divine Masculine Energy concluding that Sexual Balance is The Key…I Was Conditioned by My Upbringing, Education & Porn to Believe that Sexual Activity was a Purely Physical Affair Dominated by Divine Masculine Energy, Primarily Aggression; I Now know that there is a Balance to Be Struck between Sexual Aggression & Sexual Gentleness with a Focus on The Psychological & Spiritual Aspects of Engaging in Sex with Another…so how do We Go about Striking this Balance when CHOOSING!!! to Engage in Sexual Activity with Others? My Experience, Belief & Understanding is that Only We can Answer That Question for OurSelves; these days The Primary Keys for Me Are:

♡ WFC (Worst First Courting); CHOOSING!!! to Present the Worst of Me Initially rather than Attempt to Impress in the hope of Successful Sexual Seduction
♡ Full & Frank Sexual Discussion Beforehand, Avoiding Assumption; it may Save a Lot of Sexual HeartAche in Our Sexual AfterMath
♡ Authentic & Honest Sexual AfterMath Feedback; this may Preserve a Friendship should the Sexual Relationship come (pun intended) to an end

…given the Intimate Nature of Sexual Activity this type of Sexual Authenticity requires that those involved are Psychologically Serene & Spiritually Synchronous with Each Other; the ‘Free Love’ Philosophy of Various Periods in the Whole of Human History, most recently The Sixties & Swinging Seventies, were Non-Sustainable due to Denial about Sexual Envy & Jealousy…I Now Live an Event Driven 3DLife, rather than a 3DLife Dominated by PointLess Goals & Objectives, at the Heart of which is UnCertainty; Certainty remains Important and I Am Most Certain of Me and My Family whereas Friends & Lovers Come & Go…I Believe in The One; given My Dismal Failures in Selecting The One I Am Content to Go Solo until She Selects Me…it’s not about Getting to Know Each Other; it’s about Getting to Know Each Others Her/His-Story aka Personal History…We May Think, nay, even Believe We Know Our Partner; most times We Have Barely Scratched The Surface of Their Personal History…if We Are Dishonest about Our Feelings We Lie to OurSelves and Remain Stuck; the ONLY!!! way to Genuinely ‘Move On’ is to be Authentic & Honest with OurSelves…

♡ We ALL, Eventually, Rediscover Our Own Personal Truths, These Are My Own Personal Truths, I Hope Your Path to Rediscovering Your Own Personal Truths is Less Painful than Mine Has Been; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One



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