Relationships Matter – Life Paths


♡ I Am A 3DLife Balance Advisor; My Experience & Belief is that:

…Our Scream & Shouting and Silent Treatment Dark Communication Worsens during Major Energy Shifts; especially those InterCosmic Alignments as Powerful as those Occurring Once in a Blue Moon…a Blue Moon Month is a Calendar Month in which There Are Two Full/New Moons aka Two Complete Lunar Cycles in One Calendar Month; July 2015 is a Blue Moon Month…Little Witches soon have Their Witching Buried by Conditioned Upbringing that Insists that…

♡ There are No Faeries at the Bottom of the Garden
♡ Grandma’s Dead so NoOne can see or hear Her now
♡ Wonderland, Oz, Narnia et al do not REALLY exist

…so Every Year We Have these Awesome Energy Shifts & Surges that the Little Witch Fully Appreciated, Enjoyed & Benefitted from until She Grew Up in to a Serious Little Witch Lost InSide an Accountable, Responsible Lady under The Gentlemanly Auspices of Stern, Patriarchal Practicality…thenceforth Year after Year She was Searching for that which She Had Lost Sight Of; but Bogged Down in The Trite Patriarchal Practicality of Day-To-Day Living She could Only Pay Partial Attention to The Frequent Energy Surges especially the More Powerful ones such as in a Blue Moon which We Are in now, July 2015…I Used to Rant & Rave; now I Have Listen-Respect-Reply Conversations….They Hear Me & Accept what I Have to Say; I Hear Them & Accept what They Have to Say…if We Disagree We Agree-To-Disagree rather than Enter a Destructively Criticising Conflict which INEVITABLY ends up in Pointless Repetition and, Quite Often, Pointless Repetition with Many Others; if We REALLY!!! wish to Get to the Heart (pun intended) of Our Causes of Conflict I Suggest We Begin By Looking, Long & Hard At OurSelves in Our Life Mirror…these days, when I FEEL!!! I Am ABOUT!!! to Rage, Rave & Rant I Pause to Consider My Accountability & Responsibility for an Inevitable, Tense, Awful AfterMath; then I Decide I Don’t want to be Part of a Conflict so I Let Them Have Their Tanty with ThemSelves until Ready to Talk A-B-C (Acceptance-Balance-Compassion)…if this doesn’t happen We Gracefully Go Our Different Ways; unlike before when We Would Disgracefully Disengage Acrimoniously

…it is Our CHOICE!!! Peeps; We May CHOOSE!!! to Claim it’s NOT!!! Our CHOICE!!!, that’s Our CHOICE!!! too…I NEVER!!! Back Off from Feedback, However Horrible I Perceive The Feedback to be, My Feelings Are My Own, Individual, Personal Accountability & Responsibility; I Need to Understand whether or not My Projecting is Reflecting Back at Me in Order to Help Me Learn or Rediscover SomeThing about Me…I Am, We Are, They Are; Tears in My Eyes

♡ We ALL, Eventually, Rediscover Our Own Personal Truths, These Are My Own Personal Truths, I Hope Your Path to Rediscovering Your Own Personal Truths is Less Painful than Mine Has Been; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One


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