Relationships Matter – True Transformation





♡ I Am An ArchAngel of Authenticity & Honesty; My Experience & Belief is that:

…Some Folk Say “Some things are better left unsaid.”; I Say:

♡ Say What We Mean
♡ Speak With Consideration, Kindness, Care, Honesty & Compassion
♡ Listen Carefully to Feedback so as to Transmute, Alchemise & Transform Negativity into Balance & Equilibrium with Positivity or Vice Versa

♡ I Am Here; Why? The Answer WILL!!! Come to Me as long as I Pay Attention to Universal Cues & Signs
♡ I Have Been ElseWhere; Why? The Answers HAVE!!! Come to Me by My Analysis & Processing of My Past
♡ I Will Be ElseWhere; Why? I Have No Idea & No NEED!!! to Concern MySelf with Those Answers Right NOW!!!

…I Am Simply & Complexly Experiencing; I Am Boldly Going Where I Have Yet To Be, Period…

♡ FEEL!!! Romantic/Sexual Relationships, Family & Friends?
♡ THINK!!! Sexual/Romantic Relationships, Friends & Family?

…I THINK!!! Our Endeavours to Eliminate Negativity during Our 3DDuality 3DLiving Are an Exercise in Futility; whenever I Experience what I Perceive to be Negative (ILLUSORY & INAUTHENTIC) Thoughts I Do NOT Deny My Negative Thoughts, instead, I Immediately Match My Negative Thoughts with what I Perceive & Believe to be My REAL Opposing, Antidotal, Positive (ACTUAL & AUTHENTIC) Thoughts thereby I Re-Centre & Restore My Balance back to My Perception of Equilibrium by Equalising My Quantity of Clouds & Silver Linings…Our Thoughts lead to Our Words lead to Our Actions then We REPEAT!!! – Our Actions, Words & Thoughts ALL Speak As Loud As Each Other; When Our Thoughts Change so Do Our Words & Actions, so it REALLY!!! is ALL in Our Heads…

♡ We ALL, Eventually, Rediscover Our Own Truths, These Are My Own Personal Truths, I Hope Your Path to Rediscovering Your Own Personal Truths is Less Painful than Mine Has Been; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One



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