Relationships Matter – True Transformation


“Fascinating content: Fifth Dimensional characteristics as you Ascend:

Do you also understand how your must first become ONE with your personal potential before you can become ONE with Gaia’s planetary potential?

This process of merging with all life around you can only occur once you have merged with all life inside you.

It is within the core of your SELF that you can deeply experience being within the core of the planet.

Remember the higher frequencies – dimensions are not above you… they are within you.

In the same manner, the lower frequencies – dimensions are not below you, but around you.

Do you see now how YOU are a Portal?

When you travel inter-dimensionally, you do not go out or up, you go in and through.

Turn around inside yourself and see the light resonating from your inner core.

The mere act of using your fifth dimensional imagination to look inside your SELF expands your consciousness enough for you to perceive your own inner light.

You do not have this inner light because you are “good.” You have this inner light because you are a “alive.”

The polarities of good and bad mean nothing in the fifth dimension, as they do not exist at that frequency.

In the fifth dimension and beyond there are NO polarities.

We realize that freedom from all polarities is a novel concept for your third dimensional brain.

However, even the term “polarity” does not exist in the fifth dimensional and beyond.

When you travel inter-dimensionally, your first “landing pad” will be a fifth-dimensional expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

(“a” because you have myriad fifth-dimensional expressions of SELF)

However, your fifth dimensional SELF is not separate from the fifth dimensional SELF of others.

In fact, there is no fifth dimensional concept of “others.”

Everyone is an expression of the same Oness.

Thus, everyone is in constant connection with everyone, just as all your fingers are in constant communication with your hand.

Also, your hand is in total unity with your body, which is merging with your Light body.

Actually, your Light body hand appears more as a flash of light, than a palm with fingers.

Your Light bodies are totally adaptable to every situation.

Therefore, if you are on the ship ready to great guest, you may choose to wear any form that will make the guest feel comfortable.

Wearing a form in the fifth dimension is similar to wearing a uniform.

Your uniform merges with you so that you appear to be wearing a body that is wearing a uniform.

You usually choose to wear a form when you present your SELF to third dimensional humans, including your own third dimensional self.

In this manner, you can share your unconditional love and multidimensional light without frightening them… or your, third dimensional expression.

Just as your body is transmuting into a “light body,” Gaia’s planet is transmuting into a “light planet.”

This light planet will no longer need to confine Her great essence within a dense, third-dimensional shell.

In fact, the animals, plants and aspects of nature that have become extinct to the third dimension have actually been the leaders of re-location from density into light.

When you begin your conscious visits to fifth dimensional Earth you will be happy to see that many of the flora, fauna and humans you believed have died or become extinct have only “died” to the resonance of the third dimension.

They lived the timeline that they chose and have NOW re-located to a version of reality that does not exist in “time.”

“Time” and “space” merged to become the 3D Matrix of Earth.

When you leave time and the sequential space that time created, you leave the 3D Matrix and return to the fifth dimensional resonance and beyond.

We say “resonance” because the fifth dimension is not static in the same manner as the third dimension.

If you look out into your yard and see a big tree, it will remain exactly where it is no matter what your state of consciousness, intention or belief.

If you were to see that tree from a fourth dimension frequency it would still be bound by many of the 3D rules such as the roots go down into the earth and the branches go up into the sky.

Conversely, in the fifth dimension, you may not see a tree, but when you think, “I wish there was a big shade tree next to me.”

With you next blink you see the tree.

If you wanted the tree to be taller, your thoughts would change the size of the tree.

One thing you could NOT do in the fifth dimension would be to “chop down the tree.”

All life is always respected in the fifth dimension.

Hence, if you did not want to be by that tree, you could transport to another location, or shift your reality to no longer have a tree.

If there was no tree, and you decide you do want one, you would just think about how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful tree beside you.

You would then connect your thoughts of, “I would like a tree beside me,” with the image of the tree.

Then you would feel the emotions of the comfort of the tree, enjoy the feeling of the tree’s shade and the beauty of the tree.

You may also choose to enjoy merging with the life force of the tree and its many inhabitants.

In other words, you would merge your consciousness with experience of being besides a tree.

You would then allow your perceptions to follow the dictates of your imagination so that you perceive what your imagination is creating, while you simultaneously create what you wish to perceive.

Again, your inner, higher dimensional SELF would project out your inner thought form and fill it with unconditional love and multidimensional light to give your thought form fifth dimensional life.

All fifth dimensional life exists within the NOW of the ONE.

Hence, all life is accepted and appreciated as a living, sentient being that shares the same frequency of consciousness as your own.

In this same manner you can unite with your Divine Complement, ascended friends from physical Earth, your Mission and your Guides who are actually higher dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF.

All of these experiences exist infinitely within the ONE to display infinite versions of “All That Is.”

The All That IS contains every possible reality that IS.

YOU set the appearance and members of your reality with your own thought forms.
source:” ~ Mary Baldwin

…I suggest look up Mary Baldwin; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am; We Are…


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