Relationships Matter – USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath)



I met a Random Guy from Wales the other night, His name is David, and He kept ordering Me around, threatening Me, calling Me “nigger” then apologising, kissing My hand and bursting in to tears while complaining about His Dad and how He had No Friends here in Oz; I didn’t hang around with Him for too long, I guess:

♡ We Project Violent & Aggressive Unconscious Behaviour then Regret said Behaviour Immediately; Especially if said Behaviour is Reflected Back at Us Creating Conflict often Quite Violent
♡ We have Differing Definitions of Words like ‘Respect’, ‘Appropriate’, ‘Fair’, ‘Manners’, ‘Duty’, ‘Right&Wrong’ et al; Authentic Communication enables Us to reach Common Ground with Our Definitions of Words
♡ As much We hate to Admit it We ALL have Our Prejudices; Prejudice that can be Eliminated by Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) brought on by Our Conditioned Upbringing

…I Am, Once Again, Psychologically Serene in My Childlike State having Dealt with My MMHI, I hope You Are Too; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am; We Are…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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