Relationships Matter – True Transformation


♡ My Mind is Intangible Electrical Energy that I Interpret as My Psychology; initially Emotionally then, from about age two, Emotionally & Intellectually
♡ My Body is Tangible Tissue Matter Created & Maintained by My Cells since My Conception; Sperm+Ova=Zygote Replicating & Nurtured in The Womb for a Gestation Period of circa 9 months
♡ My Soul is Intangible Astral Etheric Energy with IHP (Infinite Healing Properties); somewhat Perversely My Soul, The Most Powerful Part of Me, needs The Permission of My Mind, The Weakest Part of Me, in order to Resume Healing My Body & My Mind

…ever since Re-Awakening, Rediscovering Awareness & Resuming Ascension by Surrendering to My Soul I have gradually come to a Wonderful Realisation; Our Bodies, known as a Kadmon Etheric Template, are Designed to be Easy to Heal…one of Our Primary Challenges in this 3DEnvironment is to Rediscover Our Childlike Auto-Immune System; how often do We hear Grown Ups state that it’s amazing how Kids Just Bounce Back in the Full Knowledge that They ThemSelves were once Kids? So what happened to have a Grown Up Forget their Childlike Healing Capacity? My Understanding is that Our Cells respond to a number of things including:

♡ Pharmaceuticals, Supplements & Performance Enhancers
♡ Mood Altering Substances such as Alcohol & Drugs
♡ Energy such as Magnetic, Electrical & Astral

…as Kids We have no concept of External Healing; We Are aware that We Are being taken to The Doctor or to The Hospital but don’t really Understand Why; We just Accept it ‘cos We Trust that Our Caregivers, Primarily Our Parents/Guardians are ALWAYS right…so We Grow Up with a MindSet that sez “I don’t Feel Well so I need to See SomeOne about it or Self-Administer SomeThing to MySelf.”; now that I’ve Resumed Authentic Ascension My Childlike Auto-Immune System, Suppressed for Decades by My Ingestion of a Variety of Remedies, has Kicked Back in…My Cells Are, Once Again, Primarily responding to My Soulful Energy; that’s not to say I no longer visit My GP, Psychologist or other Health Professional, it is to say I Trust My Soul, aka Heart over Head, to have The Last Say on Any&All Health Recommendations made to Me by Health Professionals…so now I Just Bounce Back like when I was a Kid; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong & Serene…I Am; We Are…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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