Relationships Matter – True Transformation



While it IS Possible to Directly Ascend from Our 3DAwareness to Our 5DAwareness it’s NOT recommended; this is due to the 3DDiscomfort factors associated with Ascension such as:

♡ Sweats – Ascension Generates A Lot of Heat Energy
♡ Headaches – Primarily A Consequence of The Reconfiguring of Our Neural Pathways
♡ Violent Solar Plexus Activity as Portals in Our Solar Plexus re-open – Commonly called Dry-Retching

…additionally those of Us who persist in 3DCharging instead of 4DSharing of Our 5DGifts will find it impossible to Ascend to 5DAwareness until We CHOOSE to Share Our 5DGifts Letting Go of Our 3DNotion that We are ENTITLED to charge for Our 5DGifts that were Designed to be Shared; sooo here’s a summary of the Ascension Path I CHOSE:

♡ 3DLiving – Preoccupation with Self a Direct Consequence of My Misguided Upbringing resulting in MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)
♡ 4DLife – Service to Others via Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing My MMHI thus LIBERATING MySelf to FREELY SHARE My 5DGifts
♡ 5DAwareness – Conscious of An Abscence of Attachment, 5DGifts Responsiveness, Authenticity and True Transformation as I Rediscovered My Childlike State aka The Real Me, a USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath)

…I hope there has been something in here for ALL of Us and ALWAYS remember We have Free Will, it’s Our CHOICE; Much Love To ALL…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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