Relationships Matter – Sex



Inner Groove is Incredibly Important; I Rediscovered My Inner Groove by Letting Go Of Convention, just mashed up Sides/Snacks in to My Evening Meal @ Hill 16, St Kilda, VIC 3218…have a Good Week ALL, I KNOW I will’ cos My Sole Doppelgänger, a DEP (Divine Energy Partner) & Primarily Divine Feminine Energy, is Aware of My Free Will in this 3D Vessel; We have a Peer Relationship as Opposed to Alternating Submissive/Dominant, In Previous Lives We have been an:

♡ Angel Of Death
♡ Angel Of Mercy
♡ Angel Of Plenty

…now We Are Arch Angels; We HEAL!!! Very Quickly, what’s the Point of A Pussy (or a Cock for That Matter) when Our Heads & Hearts are ALL Fucked Up? We are Brought Up to believe:

♡  $$$+Material Things=Happiness & Will Attract Love in to Our Lives
♡ Authority is Supreme; Especially Parents
♡ We Are Worthless; Unless We ‘Suceed’ Monetarily & Materially

…Some of Us Get Over This Conditioning and CHOOSE to Help Others Get Over it too; Assistance for Our Soul from a Place of Zero $$$ aka Love:

♡ Red Pill=Earning Money
♡ Blue Pill=Attracting Money

…what if I suggested that Archangels are an Aspect of ALL of Us as The One Experiencing Separatness; what if I suggested We ARE ALL Archangels but Have Forgotten and Will Remember by Seeking WithIn Rather than Seeking WithOut? when SomeOne Screams & Shouts at Me…

I respond
♡ “I’m Listening to You Better than You’re Listening to YourSelf.”
♡  That’s when I Get Belted; Hmmm?

…Gets me THINKING!!!; does it Get You THINKING!!!?…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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