Relationships Matter – Life Paths


Intellectual Idiots, who are those of US with Plenty of Knowledge aka Stratospheric IQ (Intelligence Quotient) & Minimal Wisdom aka Basement EQ (Emotional Quotient), are those Amongst Us who Suffer Most & Mostly In Silence; if I HAVE to CHOOSE between the COMPANY of:

♡ High IQ+Low EQ
♡ Low IQ+High EQ
♡ I will ALWAYS opt for The Latter

…My Preference is High IQ+High EQ; what d’You fink? and We’ll STOP Laughing AT You when You START Laughing WITH Us…


I resolved My Ego Dilemma thus:

♡ I have a LowerEgo aka My Head
♡ I have a HigherEgo aka My Heart
♡ My Head is In Charge and Smart Enough to have Delagated Authority to My Heart which has Infinite Healing Properties (IHP)

…sooo My Head, while sometimes getting a Little Bit Nervous, Defers To & Trusts My Heart 100% just like it did when I was a Kid; sooo No More ‘Heart or Head’ Debates for Me EVER AGAIN!!! My Mind & Body remain young; it’s only My Soul aka My Heart that NEEDS to Track Time and that’s ‘cos it needs to know when to initiate Various Cellular Repair Processes…


The “SOURCE” of “GAMES”; Funny Isn’t It?…

YOU Lead To:

♡ YOUR Thoughts
♡ YOUR Words
♡ YOUR Actions

…hmmm? do The Words ‘Accountability’ & ‘Responsibility’ Resonate?…


I have Many Easy Path Options yet My Heart is at Peace Sticking with the Seemly Less Than Easy Circumstances My Choices & Decisions, In Tandem with the Choices & Decisions made by Others, that have Come To Pass; I Am Confident in My Heart aka Solar Plexus that ALL is Well, My Head is slowly catching up as it Remembers The Infinite Healing Properties (IHP) of My Solar Plexus aka My Heart…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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