Relationships Matter – Love



My Experience is that The Decisions Girls make about Entering & Exiting Sexual/Romantic Relationships come from Their LowerEgo (Head) via a Checklist of Demanding Conditions; LowerEgo (Head) is where ALL of My Exes have made Their Decisions from, CHOOSING to Abandon me when I was Temporalily unable to Tick The Boxes on Their Checklist and often with “No Contact!!! No Communication!!! EVER!!!”…if We CHOSE to Assess Potential Partners with Our HigherEgo (Heart) rather than Our LowerEgo (Head) We would see Our Life Partner through Temporary Periods of Angst & Weakness; Divine Masculine Energy is Canine, Divine Feminine Energy is Feline?…so now I’m THINKING!!!:

♡ How So Fucking Selfish is She
♡ How Self-Absorbed is She
♡ She Lacks Empathy
♡ She Takes Next To No Accountability & Responsibility
♡ She’s Bully Bossy Boots
♡ It’s Her Way Or The Highway

…I guess this is Exactly why I’m Glad I Am Single Right Now and Out of The Game Content to Wait for My:

♡ Genuine
♡ Authentic
♡ Game Free

…Life Partner, My Spiritual Spouse, to Hunt Me Down like The Dog that I Am; and Rest Assured Peeps, She WILL Hunt Me Down with Her HigherEgo (Heart) Bless Her Little Cotton Socks…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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