Relationships Matter – True Transformation


I used to be The Supreme Arsehole thoroughly Disliking My Behaviour and, by extension, Disliking MySelf; in fact I Hated My Behaviour and became desperate to Modify My Behaviour so I could Like MySelf again; My Journey to Recovery & Restoration of Behaviours that Constantly Sit Well with Me began by Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues), I very soon recognised I was Attached to the Negativity Inside of Me and Projecting that Attachment to My Negativity Outside of Me on to others putting them Under the Extreme Psychological Pressure I was Experiencing Internally…naturally, given the Extremely Overwhelming Emotions involved, I gained many Former Friends & Lovers and One Ex-Wife; a very Lonely Existence in The Crowd…I eventually Eliminated My Attachment to Negativity Inside without Detaching from it, it is My Negativity after all, then Alchemised & Re-Integrated it in to My Positivity Inside by Altering My Expectations & Sense of Entitlement and Rediscovered My Persistent State of Acceptance; how? I Admitted, Acknowledged & Addressed My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and I do ’12 Position PPEE’ Every Day; 12 Position PPEE (Pressure Point Energy Exercise) is a component of a type of Transpersonal Therapy (the Combining of Psychotherapy with Energy/Spiritual Healing) by JanBe Serenity called ‘Individual Spiritism’ and a Key Tool in My Very own Personal Healing Toolbox (PHT) ♡♡♡…

About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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