Relationships Matter – Spiritual Sex



I’m Pondering; is:

♡ A Vagina an Inverted Penis?
♡ A Penis an Extended Clitoris?
♡ Our Attitude To Sex is SomeWhat Inauthentic?

…having Sex Standing Up makes for Peer Sex; Dominant/Submissive Sex is:

♡ Missonary (Thank You British Priests In Africa)
♡ Doggy (“Just Get On With It!!!”; Random Irish Bloke In An Australian Bar)
♡ Girls On Top (Please Don’t Break My Little Black Chook!!!)
♡ Side-By-Side (Great!!!; ‘cos I HATE Pounding)
♡ Location (Public or Private?)
♡ Oral (My Favourite; Doesn’t Require An Erection)

…ALL the ABOVE are OK with me as long As Authentic  Psychological & Spiritual Synchronicity is where Sex is at; where’s Sex at For You?…If We Refuse to Reconcile Our Cognitive Dissonance about Sex We WILL Only Ever Experience Regret & Remorse ‘cos of Lower Ego Dominating Higher Self, Especially with EXES; I now FEEL Liberated & Free; when We’re Choking Up With A Lump In Our Throat We Should Cry; Hmmm?…


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