Relationships Matter – True Transformation


My Faith In Me took a Mighty Battering (SomeTimes Literally!!!) from My Upbringing; consequently I became CONDITIONED to:

♡ Goals
♡ Objectives
♡ Targets

…and I GOT a LOT of Money & Material Possessions; it was ALL Pyrrhic Victories and I felt Empty & Conned Suffering Severe MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) such as:

♡ Depression
♡ Anxiety
♡ Delusion

…I decided I NEEDED to CHANGE INSIDE and the Major Turning Points were EXES particularly the Totally Outside-Of-My-Control Change that was The Decison & CHOICE My Ex-Wife Unilaterally Made for Us to Separate & Divorce; these days, now that I Live My Life solely via:

♡ Intent
♡ Alchemy
♡ Manifestation

…I Am a LOT HAPPIER; I Am ACCOMPLISHING So Much More than when I Lived My Life via Parental Imposition & Admonition…I No Longer ACHIEVE via Goals, Objectives & Targets; Thanks to JanBe Serenity I have REDISCOVERED ACCOMPLISHMENT via Intent, Alchemy & Manifestation, I MADE THIS!!! ‘cos I have REDISCOVERED My Faith In Me…I Let Go, Made My Leap Of Faith & The Net did indeed appear; The HandOuts Keep On Cumming…


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