Relationships Matter – MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)



When ‘Band-Aiding’ Resumes Being Consistently & Constantly Authentically:

♡ Enjoying OurSelves
♡ Pure Pleasure
♡ Doing Whatever We Want

…We Rediscover Our Childlike State; along with ALL the Benefits of Our Pleasant Memories & Our Life Lessons from Our Upbringing…when We Admit, Acknowledge & Address Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) We Reconnect with The Goddess/God of Reason & Passion Within OurSelves aka Our LOVE of Innovation & Co-Creation; Passion Unleashed without Reason is Worse Than Fucking Useless!!! I Am The SOLE ARCHITECT of My Fucking Misery, Are You? To Blame another for Our Misery is To Be:

♡ Disrespectful
♡ Insulting
♡ Cowardly

…Our Accountability & Our Responsibility; Please THINK!!! About It Peeps?…




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